Jane Elizabeth Discourse
January 22, 2014
The Observer Self Process Defined

(Answering student’s question and speaking to whole group…)

I will talk about that because I am sure all of you are having to deal with things that are coming from the subconscious because that’s where we are. We are absolutely on that rail of having to deal with things in our subconscious. You are digging it up and having to look at it.

What happens here so often is it takes over…it takes over …you begin to think like it does and you know it’s foreign …you don’t usually feel this way, and all of a sudden you are feeling this way. And you are looking through the eyes of the judgment of that consciousness and judging through those eyes like you were that consciousness.

That is where the observer self is of utmost importance because the observer self can be looking at that consciousness and testing it and figuring out what it is that consciousness is trying to learn.

It’s like putting your head in that bubble, that consciousness bubble and all of a sudden you are thinking and acting and feeling the way that …that consciousness thought of itself and acted. Of course if that observer self is actively watching and you can see that, then there’s two parts of you.

That’s why I have stressed this so many times with all of you because this is what happens: the observer self has to be able to observe it and say, “OK, what is this consciousness telling me? What are the habits of this consciousness?”

I found out that when I get into one of these consciousnesses, I had a little formula that I used:

What am I thinking?
Why am I thinking it?
Why am I judging things?

One of the things I found is that I would have my judgment in my face. I would be judging people left and right and this would be so foreign to what I usually think and feel.

And then you have to get in control of that; to be able to squeeze the juice out of that consciousness and understand it. The truth of the matter is, there are good things about that consciousness, but there’s also the opposites, because we lived in that opposite 300 years ago or 6000 years ago or 400 years ago and these are the thoughts and feelings we had.

Then we can start to dismantle them. Dismantling the consciousness, which I know we have talked about and I’ve sent information on this throughout the years on how to dismantle a consciousness. This is why it’s so important to learn how to dismantle these things because that’s your job! Your job is to look at it, see how it gets you, and how it almost engulfs you on how you think or feel or want. Maybe you have a desire to do something that seems foreign to you and you think, “Where on earth did that desire come from?” You have to look and say, “Oh, it has its purpose for me and I have to look at it and figure out what it is I have to see out of that.”

Because you are taking the essence of that consciousness and you are actually ripping it apart. You are ripping it apart; taking it apart and saying, “OK, what does it like, what does it dislike, how does it feel about people?”

There was a consciousness I had that disliked people terribly. And that was not what Jane Hart grew up with; she didn’t feel that way about people. And I had to figure out, “Oh, that was that consciousness! She was hostile, she didn’t like people, she wanted everybody to love her but didn’t love anyone.” You see? “Oh my gosh, this is very interesting, this is not me now, this is me way back when! Now, why did I have to be that way? What created that being--that consciousness?”

What happens is if you are fortunate enough to go back another page or two—another lifetime or two—then you’ll come up and recognize that consciousness and what caused that consciousness TO BE. Because ultimately it causes you to be what you are today.

You are taking little things that you’ve learned from that consciousness and you brought it into fruition this lifetime to balance, to understand more about it …we all have. I think I talked about it last week, we all have a root cause. There is something that happened in the past that our soul said, “absolutely I will never do that again” or “I’ll always do that…whenever I have a problem, I’ll do X, Y and Z. I’ll get my gun and shoot someone” or “My behavior will stem from that past experience.”

The important thing here, is when these things come, we have to investigate them as the observer self and not the “I believe this is who I am right now”. That is not the truth. You just put on the hat; you put your head in the bubble. I use to think about it, I put the mask on. When I put the mask on, I was drawn in the consciousness I needed to understand.

You all have teachers and your teachers will put you in that state of being to understand that part of you. Then you might clear that out and you might sail a little bit and then all of a sudden you’ll go into another state of being that is different from that state. You’ve all had different experiences of different consciousnesses already; it’s just another aspect of who you are and what you’ve experienced.

That’s why each one of you is so different, because each one of you might have been in the fire, but you may experience that fire differently. Like they say when you go to an accident, and you see an accident, then you will see it differently than the person right next to you; they will see it a little differently than you.

So that is what always happens to us as beings in the evolutionary process. There is always the yin and the yang or the good or the bad, whatever it is … it’s the thing we are trying to correct, to balance and to move on through; to clear it out.

And a lot of times when I would be in my bubble—my bubble-consciousness—I would say, “OK, what is it I need to forgive, let go of. This is showing me I need to forgive … maybe a person, a place or a thing.”

(Answering student’s question…)

I made a video about that today, the first one I’ve made way before Thanksgiving and I was talking about the new energy that’s coming in now. I talked about the New Year Energy and it is bringing in a whole new aspect of yourself –of who you are. You are going to be able to process faster now. And this is the good news. It’s going to push you harder, so you can work faster. But don’t get caught in them! Remember, “I am the observer-self watching this … look at the way I feel, look at the way I think; this is the action I want to take.”

So, this is why I always say, don’t take action when you’re in one of these consciousnesses because that consciousness isn’t clear thinking; it doesn’t think clear. It thinks like 500 years ago and its injustices 500 years ago or its joys. Or, if you were a great king and you ruled the people and you felt like you’re invincible, that might be the consciousness you get in and you wonder why people aren’t doing your bidding. Why aren’t they taking care of me? I am the king! I am important!

And these are the things we deal with and we forget that we are not the king, and I am a girl now…there’s a difference here. But that kingly stuff still came into the consciousness of the young lady that now thinks that she’s very important because she remembers being important 500/1000 years ago. These traits come in.

The problem is that we get stuck in one of these, and then we begin to think like that and start to believe that’s who we are. Hopefully, I can wake you up and say “No, no, no, don’t go there; don’t act on this.” Sometimes, I have to just let you go and say, this is who you want to be … and be that … and experience that until you don’t want to experience it anymore.

And you know, I’ve done that with many of you when you’ve gotten into one of these states of being where you’re stuck in it, and you have to play it out, so to speak. Play it to its fruition and then you can move on. Don’t get stuck in it (speaking to student), because if you get stuck in it, it’s going to play itself out to its fruition and that’s not where you want to be.

(Answering student…)

I’m so excited you are all having these challenges because this is so wonderful. Because you’re going to work through it, and the wonderful part is that you are going to be cleaning up this area, so that you can be more free to think and to feel and to be more complete about one’s self, instead of responding and reacting to this stuff subconsciously in the conscious person that we are right now, then create more karma and create more bad possibilities for us to have to deal with at a different time.

So, thank God we are seeing it; thank God we are working on it; thank God that there is somebody helping us, because you are greatly helped (speaking directly to student), to be able to have that opportunity. And I think that as spiritual students we are always trying to feel good and be on the “good” side of the opposites, and it’s not about being on the “good” side of the opposites as opposed to the “bad” side, because sometimes that bad side or that negative energy that we’re dealing with is our greatest help.

Because, when we are in the “good” space of our consciousness, we are happy and content and we are wanting to stay in that good space. But, then it flips over to the other side of the opposites, and that’s where the bad stuff becomes good stuff because you deal with it and you take action on it. So, great, that’s wonderful. Good for you.

(Speaking to student…)

So just keep putting light on yourself like you do for somebody else…you put light on them, you support them—you do this for yourself now. This will be a wonderful opportunity to watch it work for you, OK?

We are moving nicely into the New Year as we are uncovering parts of ourselves that are there to be discovered. So, with that said, let’s take some time to go into our meditation…