JE Group Discourse
March 4, 2015
The Opposites Are Third Dimensional

The thing I want to talk a little about is the opposites. I know I talked about how in a day you can go from one opposite to the next in a matter of five minutes or half hour. The opposites are here in the third dimensional world … you’re not going to get out of them. So, you master the opposites and go into the Now.

But, the purpose of the opposites is they are here as a learning tool for us. Eventually I had to accept the opposites as my learning tool … that I was put in an opposite, like (student) was put in an opposite today, of a consciousness that was tired of being tired. And she has to move out of that, but she has to recognize that it’s a part of her soul journey personality … soul journey personality.

What do I mean by soul journey personality? That means that we make decisions, maybe 500 years ago, maybe five years ago, how to handle bad situations … a bad opposite, somebody is murdered, something happens and you get kicked out of your home and lose your job … way back whatever that meant, that opposite is a definite strong, strong feeling you had of despair.

So, when certain combinations of things come into your life, you go back to that moment in time when you didn’t know what to do and you were in despair. I’m so glad that (student) recognized that this was not the truth of her … that this was some place she was and she needed to take charge of it, because taking charge of it, she did go to work, she did what she needed to do and in spite of the way she felt, in spite of the way she felt about her day yesterday. Doesn’t matter, she took reigns of her consciousness and that is an extremely important thing, because if we allow those consciousnesses of despair, and I understand that … I was uncovering a very despairing consciousness that was created probably just after my life with Jesus. There were desperate, terrible things that I felt, so I had to learn not to let that control my life.

There are opposites that we’ve had in the past, if you can look at it this way … when you were (living) 500-600 years ago; you were still in the world of opposites. You were not just suddenly in the world of opposites … you’re always … since you took on a body, a body temple, you live in the opposites. The cavemen lived in the opposites. The pilgrims lived in the opposites. George Washington lived in the opposites. That is part of the third dimensional world.

And it goes back to the very, very beginning to experience. Experience yourself as a human being. Experiencing the opposites. Learning from those experiences, but when we don’t learn … 500 years ago, we believed in that experience that we had and we compounded and said, “I will never do that again.”

And so you block yourself out of ever, ever coming into using … well, I’ve used this before but I’ll say it again … my mind, when I was unable to use my mind the way I wanted to use my mind way back 1,000 years ago, I said I don’t want to use my mind again. I don’t care. As brilliant as I was, and I was very brilliant, I was, “No, it never got me where I wanted, I’d much rather be a woman and not be a man and have decision making.” Because my men, my men, Jane said her men—the male part of herself—always makes bad decisions. You see? My male part of me told me that when I’m a male, I always make crappy decisions, so you better be a woman because a woman has better understanding of things than a man. She has a different kind of feeling nature, because my men did nothing but get me in trouble over and over again.

“I never want to be a man again! Do not incarnate me as a man! I will not accept being a man!”

Look at what I cut off from me! So the next six lives I was a woman and I didn’t allow the male part of me emerge until this lifetime. I’m a woman but my male energy emerged in this lifetime because I allowed it to, because I was shown that this is what I did, and I said, “No, I want to use my male energy! I am strong and I’m not going to do some terrible thing … I’m smarter now and (have) more understanding, I will not do it!”

But do you see, I’m trying to show you a picture here of how we put in things hundreds of years before and there’s still a program running in our consciousness. And when it runs in our consciousness, it doesn’t allow us to have other experiences that would give us balance. So, this was very important for me to recognize back then but you all have that, everybody has that, there is not a person in the world, there is nobody that comes in with clean hands until they get in the process of growing into greater understanding of their “I Am presence.”

Not their “limited soul presence” but their “I Am presence,” which is a whole different agenda all together. They don’t look alike at all. They don’t have the same experiences in them. You’re walking out of being human and into the “I Am presence” that you are. And it doesn’t exist in the opposites. I can’t even tell you … you only know when you’re there. There’s nothing I can say about that except, thank God, thank God, I’m so glad I made it to the other side and thank God about that.

No, no, I’m not going to say thank God about that … thank I Am, the I Am that was in me! I thank that part of me that did the work, because at the end, that’s who I have. I own it. I am an individual expression and I own it, and I know what makes that, so there’s no separation between you and me. Even though you might think there’s a separation because here I am, you’re sitting over there. No, because it’s all one. But you’re not going to know that until you take the final letting go of the human consciousness.

The human consciousness, you see? It’s a human consciousness. So whatever consciousness you’re in, it is a human consciousness and sometimes you break through the realm and you get a few little glimpses of the other side. But then you come back and when you have to come back out of that glimpse of the other side, it’s very annoying—annoying is a good word because you realize you’re not there, but you realize you want to be there. “OK, what do I have to do? What pieces do I have to clean out here? I don’t want to have this great depression and feel like I don’t want to live another day and I don’t care. I’m so tired of being tired.”

I think that’s where (student) is, “I’m so tired of being tired” and it’s a state of consciousness. But whose state of consciousness is it? And that’s what you have to figure out. It belongs to a state of consciousness. So, when enough problems hit (student), her soul goes into the realm of, “It’s too heavy, it’s too much, I just can’t go on.” And that is a consciousness that exists in all of us, it’s not just her … you may be just experiencing it today, but that is something that occurs in all of us when there is a moment when we feel like we cannot go on anymore. And then we have to pull ourselves up with our own—WITH OUR OWN SELF!

You see? No one is going to do it except (student). (Student) has to get up and put her clothes on and go to work. I didn’t have to go do it. She had to pull herself up whether she liked it or not. She took charge of it. So, I’m very proud of you, (student), you took charge of it. So, you give yourself a bunch of credits because they pulled that on you so that you would take charge. You could have … you see, (student), you see? You could have done it the other way. And there has been many a time you have, and this time you didn’t. So, raise your hand and say, “I made it through the fire, then I can make it though another fire.”

So, I congratulate you for taking charge of the laboring consciousness and you say, “NO you don’t, I’m going to work, I’m going to go on, and I’m going to do the best job I can.” So, good! I hope that you know that you get two stars for that, (student). You do! You get a lot of stars for that, because that’s the kind of tenacity we have to have. When those moments come when we think we can’t do it one more day or this spiritual path is terrible, I never get what I want! And what you want is to find happiness. But happiness is an opposite of sadness, so you’re only going to be happy to be sad and sad to be happy and happy to be sad.

So, the whole thing is to move out of both of those states of consciousness because they are only consciousness. I did a good job, so I’m happy. I did a bad job, so I’m sad. So, anyway, the opposites are there for your training. They’re there, they were put there way back when to help us to move through the experience of being human. Why is that necessary? Why is it necessary to have that experience? Because, number one, it’s connected to will. It’s connected to intelligence. It’s also connected to the desire of your heart. So, when you came down umpteen years ago or whenever you became human, you had those three things going for you.

You had intelligence, you had knowledge and you had a heart … three things. You see? As you go through your lifetime, you develop more of that and more of that and sometimes we spend a lot of time developing our will. And sometimes our will goes haywire on us. So, then we have to back off of our will and do a little more love-understanding. So, then we back off of the love and do a little more intellectual understanding.

But all of those are mixed up in this experience because you have to have an abstract mind that you have developed before you can go into the Infinite, because it’s all abstract, you see? It’s all abstract. So, if you have only depended on your intelligence, logic, it’s logical, it’s reasonable … those things are fine on the third dimension because you live in the third dimension … they don’t exist on the fourth dimension. They are tools that have no value because everything you do is a whole.

I’m really stretching you because I’m telling something that maybe you’re going to understand what I really am saying right now to you, maybe this lifetime, maybe six months from now. When you live in the Infinite, everything is a whole! Everything is complete in itself. Complete!

So, whatever your goal is, it’s completed. It’s whole. I don’t know how to say it … it’s a whole thing—the question, the answer, the action, everything is in that Infinite moment! So, there’s no opposites that you’re going to because they don’t exist. It’s just like, “What’s an opposite?” You know? Because on the higher realm, there is no such thing as the opposites, because they … the squirrel has four legs and it walks, well sometimes it walks on the back legs, but most of the time it runs around on four legs or whatever it runs around in … you tell it it’s going to be upright and be able to eat … well, it eats with its hands now…

But, it’s doing something that it can’t possibly understand that, “OH, squirrel, squirrel, you’re going to be able to write up a grocery list and money, you can put money into buying some milk? No, I’m going to buy some nuts and those nuts cost $2.50 and if I get two pounds of nuts, it’s going to cost me $5.00. You have a brain here that starts to develop, don’t worry, squirrel, it’s a part of evolution.” Thanks … like (student) once said, just give me the nut … I don’t care about anything else.

So, human beings try to find something to make them happy. “If I had a better job, I would be happy.” No, you wouldn’t be happy, because in that job … because in that job, you might have some people in that job that are going to give you some problems to help you to grow and change. “Well, if I had a lot of money, then I wouldn’t have to worry about my finances.” Ok, that’s wonderful, but then you’re going to worry about if you’re going to lose your money.

You see? It’s all what I call mish-mash, mish-mash. You’re healthy today but, “Oh my God, I could fall and if I fell, what would happen to me? Who would take care of me?” You know what, why would I waste my time worrying about that … if that ever happened, there would be plenty of people to take care of me, so what? You know, it’s these things that we bring onto ourselves through our limited consciousness, because our mind is limited! You are in a square, a little square and you live in that square and you think in that square and when you start to move out of the square-hood, let’s call it square-hood, when you start to move out of square-hood, I call it limited, you get to erase some of the lines that keep you in the square. You’re going to find out there’s a lot more freedom than you thought you had … in the Higher realm … instead of this realm where everything is made up of karma, made up out of the opposites, balancing your karma, helping you to work in the best interest of your karma, all those things. And before maybe this lifetime, you never thought about karma and working in the best interest of your karma and what do you need to do. Maybe it never crossed your mind, but it does now. You can’t go back and un-ring the bell. You know too much now. You know there’s a lot more to you than this person sitting here looking at yourself. There’s a lot more to that. It comes with umpteen other lifetimes that have lived in the opposites!

I want you to hear this. I want you to see this. I want you to understand this, because if you start to understand this, you’re going to start to untangle the other opposites that you put in your consciousness to believe that you’re limited. Do you understand? I want to make sure everybody understands this, because it is exactly that.

So, as we slowly but surely work in the place we are right now in the human body, understanding we are on the karmic law, we also understand that we have a desire in our heart to know about who we really are and that desire is very strong in you, and it will be fulfilled, because all desires are fulfilled. That’s why Baba, all the teachers, say look at your desires. I say, God, I want to fulfill all of your guys’ desires so that finally you’ll be satisfied and look to the big desire worthwhile having.

So, as your journey begins, and I think I told you that Martin and Catherine, our life as Martin and Catherine, started our involution of consciousness there. That was the beginning of our involution. And it took four more lives before we came to (spiritual friend) and Jane. Yes, so, that is where we were. But whatever you’re doing now, it is taking you into greater understanding of yourself, and if it takes two more lives or one more life, or you manage to get it done this life, you are not going to lose a thing by doing what you are doing right now, because you are putting great stars in your credit card. You are making much wonderful credit because you’re trying, you’re working, you’re honestly thinking about others, you’re honestly wanting to do whatever you can to support your family, your friends, your colleagues, whatever.

And that is a positive. That is a positive. And you’re trying to balance out your karma. So, when you all gave your karma to God umpteen years ago, it was looked over very carefully. And what they looked over was, “OK, this is the first time they gave it to us. This is the first time they even knew to do it and they don’t even really know what they’re doing, but their teacher said to do it and they believe in their teacher, so they said OK. So, they grabbed hold.”

And what happened was, they looked at each of your individual karma, carefully. How is the best way to help you to achieve your goal of master-hood—of moving into the higher dimension of who you are? What is the best way for us to move (student), they said. “OK, she’s got all this karma over here and she’s got some she’s got to pay off and some we’re going to cross off and forgive. But, the things we’re asking her to pay off are things that are going to be important to her spiritual growth. Not because we didn’t love her and we didn’t care about her so we’re going to make her pay it back."

NO! They look very carefully at what’s out there and they say, “Ok, what we can do here is that she can use her astrology, which is absolutely wonderful. It helps many, many people live through their day. They can hang onto, ‘Oh, the stars are coming into a better place’ for them, and they can look forward to it and they feel like they have a chance. And she’s giving them opportunities to work in the best interest of their limited soul, because she’ can’t sit there and say, ‘You know what, you need to give yourself up to God,’ well, maybe some people she can say that to, but 90% of the people she serves, she can’t say that to, because they are hurting! They want to know, ‘What do the stars say? Will the stars say is my husband going to leave me or not? Please look it up, (student), I want to know …well, Mercury is in blah blah, you know there’s a 50/50 chance this will pass. Oh good, I’m so glad I called you, I’m feeling so much better about myself, you’ve helped me a lot.’”

OK, that’s a wonderful thing. They can put their worries aside and they can go on with their life and they can be kinder to their husband or wife or children or whatever, because they can get some breath of fresh air. OK, that’s very valuable … very valuable. It’s like a psychiatrist, very valuable … a doctor, very valuable. A lot of these services are very valuable because they take some of the worry off of you.

So, now back to your karma, individually, and you were looked at very carefully. There were some things that needed to be taken care of. I’ve been working with (student) for years about her music, to play her music, because the next lifetime, she can be a wonderful influence to a thousand and thousands of millions of people because she’s very creative, and she’s got a lot to give … and going to use her spirituality to do this, and it’s a great gift. It’s not, “Oh, oh, the music life, that’s nothing, I want to be one with God.”

Well, she can be one with God and be doing her music … there’s no difference, because I’m one with God and what am I doing? I’m here talking to you guys and trying to explain to you the higher reasoning that went on to put you where you are today in front of me, you see? Because there was a map here of things that needed to be done for each individual soul according to what their karma was and what their soul history is, and what they are capable of accomplishing this lifetime. And they have a percentage on each and every one of us. There’s a pretty good percentage that (student) will pass her test. There’s a pretty good percentage that (student) will pass her test.

But, there’s some percentage that maybe they won’t but maybe they will. Maybe (student) won’t, maybe (student) will. But you all have the same opportunities to step up to the plate. (Student) just passed a test, so it was tough and she’s not so sure she liked the test she got, but too bad. She got that test and it was a test that’s been given to her many, many times before and she just folded under it. So, say thank you, (student), you worked very hard to move in this and I want you to see that you have made a step, a huge step forward! Thank you, thank you, (student)! Yes! Yay, (student)!

As hard as it was and this is what happens to us … we are put up against ourselves. And in that very moment, we are shoved in the hole and we have to pick ourselves up and keep on going and talk to ourselves, because it’s a limited state of consciousness that’s telling you you’re no good or you could never do it perfectly. “You can never do it perfectly … oh, try five more times, you can’t do it perfectly.”

What is that?! That’s a limited consciousness making a limited opinion on you!

NO! No, no, no! It’s good to have parameters on yourself, to know when you’ve accomplished something and when you haven’t, and what you need to learn from that. But you put such a high percentage of perfection according to somebody else or yourself … you’re missing the point. The point is to be able to move and flow with this and take it easy and say, “OK, I learned that …oh, I missed that. That’s OK …I missed it. I know I missed it, so the next time it comes up, boom, I know how to handle it.”

You see? Instead of, “OH, I’m so awful, I missed it, oh my God, I’m failing, and they’re going to kick me out of spiritual school. God doesn’t love me anymore. I’m sure God is going to hit me over the head with a hammer.” You know, that kind of thinking gets you nowhere at all. In fact, it keeps you in the mud, in the mud, in the mud. Then you have to spend 24-48 hours trying to get yourself out of the mud and then hits you again with the same thing and down you go.

Well, I’ve been hit often enough with the same thing. You can hit me with it but I’m not going to buy your cookie! Whoever you are, whatever consciousness I’m in that tells me this, that’s part of who I am that goes back maybe 7,000 years ago when they burned me at the stake because I worshipped the sun or some stupid thing like that, that I thought I wasn’t perfect so they killed me. The sun went down and set down and whatever…the rain came, it’s all my fault. The rain came, I did something terrible. I mean, think of way back when that was a state of consciousness I had! I had that state of consciousness, that’s why I can talk about it. I had that state of consciousness and I had to go back and look at that and unhook myself from it, because, oh my God, what a piece of crap that is! I’m punishing myself today because of something I didn’t do 50,000 years ago or whatever? Because I worshipped the sun and the sun didn’t like me and I got a sunburn, and so that meant the sun didn’t like me, and so they’re going to hang me because I got a sunburn, because if the sun loved me, it wouldn’t have given me a sunburn.

I mean, really! How stupid is that?! We believed those kind of things. We did! We did. So, you wonder why you get stuck on some certain things? Well, those crappy thoughts are still way down in your subconscious and they will be pulled up and gotten rid of. A lot of that I didn’t have to do anything but recognize. Recognize it and “poof” it went away. But first I had to prove, I had to prove to the Masters that I was committed. That there was nothing that they could do or say to me that would take me off my course. And they tried and tried and tried and tried and tried to pull me off my course because they wanted me strong. They wanted me to be capable of handling anything that came in and not destroy me. And not destroy me.

Because they knew that one day my daughter would be murdered, and I would have to handle that. Not only for myself but for my other three daughters. And I had to be strong, and not feel like God was punishing me or that this was a terrible thing happening to me for some terrible thing I did a 1000 years ago and now I’m doomed. NO! I had to be strong enough and I had enough spiritual understanding to know what this is all about and it helped me grow spiritually, and it was a wonderful thing. But I had a lot of preparation before that day ever came, and you know that the Masters knew that day was coming! They knew that day was coming. They knew 15, 18 years before that happened—that, that was going to happen.

So, what they did, they prepared me in many, many ways to handle those things that were un-handle-able to most human beings. So all of that is … you see, on the journey, as you take your step in the opposites, know that you will be in the opposites … you know that third dimensionally, there’s always going to be an opposite … a happy moment, a sad moment. We have to grow through the opposites. They were put there for us to grow through. Get to know ourselves, get to experience ourselves as human beings before we can go into a higher dimension of understanding … of whatever the “I Am presence” does within YOU. You are an individual expression of God. Every soul has an individual expression.

Baba had his, Yoganada had his, Sai Baba had his. You name them and they had theirs, all the great mystics and Masters that came through. They all had their own unique, unique expression of who they were. They are not a couple of twins … here’s Sherry and I had gone through all of this together, and we’re going to come out as two individuals doing whatever thing we choose to do. And she will choose what she’s going to do, I’ll choose what I want to do. She may choose to leave the planet, I may choose to leave the planet, I may stay here another 25 years, I may do whatever I want to do with what I have at this moment, and I have a lot of wonderful choices to make and I will make them. But I won’t leave you guys cold. You can trust that, I’m not going to leave you cold. You are going to be well prepared before I leave. So, obviously I’m not going to go tomorrow, sorry (giggling).

I miss my friends on the other side but I go to see them very, very often anyways. So, they’re just a moment away. So, now that I’ve conquered that, I don’t (miss them) so much anymore, because you can’t miss somebody you’re with … you know they’re here, they’re here right now sitting around us and they’re part of what we’re doing tonight and hey, you guys just don’t have the privilege of seeing who’s standing near you, and if you did, you’d be scared shitless (laughing), so there you are.

Anyway, just to tell you, I think I want to encourage you that during this Lent period, there will be tests going on. Didn’t you know that Jesus had tests during these 40 days? And many a test. Of course, he had a plan and all those plans he had, he had a mission. And his mission was to die on the cross. That was his mission and he knew that was where he was going, and that’s what he was going to do, and he was OK with it because he knew that was no surprise to him. It would have been much more of a surprise to him if he hadn’t done it. Only we didn’t know that he knew what he was doing, us that were with him.

So, anyway, so as we move forward in our journey in these 40 days of opportunities to grow … and I’m very excited about all the things that are happening for each and every one of your lives, because you’re all getting opportunities to have a few tests here and there. So get your muscle … get your muscle. I go to the gym every day and I do my water aerobics and I get to see all the people lifting weights and everything while I’m doing water aerobics. I have a big window and all these people are on the other side of the window lifting weights and I see these guys putting on more weights. I’ve been watching this one man, he’s determined. He’s going to be able to lift a million pounds, I swear to God, because every week they give him more weights to lift, and more. And in just in the last year from the time I went back and last year, I was shocked, I just looked at him and said, “My God, you’ve got more muscles!” He said, “Yeah, more muscles than I had brains.” (Laughing). And we just laughed about it.

But, his neck was huge, he had all these ripples on his shoulders and he was standing there, he couldn’t even put his arms, his muscles are so big he had to … he’s like this … I looked at him thinking, I’m glad you’re comfortable, you know that’s something that slowly happens to you and you get used to it and more used to it. But, nevertheless, he’s given his life to lifting weights. So, what’s going to happen to him when he gets to be 60 and he can’t lift all those weights? Or maybe he can? He’ll end up being a great weight-lifter at age 92. I don’t know what he wants to do, but he’s doing it. And when he dies, gosh, he’s going to leave that body on the third dimension and move into the next phase.

I only say that because it’s kind of fun to look at these people who are so dedicated to their bodies and just look so perfect and all this. And understand it’s important to be conscious of your body and how it moves and keep it oiled and greased, etc … that’s important, because it is your body temple. But being obsessive with it, well, that’s third dimension. That’s what he chose to do and that’s not bad for him … that may be the best thing in the world for that soul to be doing, because it’s taking care of something. Maybe he was a skinny little rat somewhere along (the way) and got really, really hurt and he decided this is never going to happen to me, I will be able to fight anybody at any time. And that’s what’s motivated him in this lifetime to do it, you see? That’s a good motivation. What’s going to be happening five lifetimes from now? I don’t know. That’s what he chooses to do five lifetimes from now.

I don’t know if I helped you at all, but I hope I’ve given you some light on the subject of the opposites and given you something more to think about as far as where some of these things you are dealing with today are coming from—not exactly from what is going on with your life right now, but what went on with your life many, many years ago. Many centuries ago even. With all that said, let’s take a minute now, a few minutes…