Jane Elizabeth Group Talk
Parachuter Story
June 3, 2015

Well, I’m going to tell you a little story and my little story goes like this:

There was a little village, and in this village there were many, many townspeople, and the mayor called a village meeting and he said:

“I need to tell everybody in the village that there’s soon to be a plane going by with 25 parachuters in it. And these parachuters are going to land in our village and we have to prepare for these parachuters when they come. They are going to need water. They are going to need fresh, new clothes. They are going to need a place to stay. They are going to have to have food and maps of the terrain. They are coming to be replenished so that they can go on with their mission, and these parachuters are sent down to serve humanity. They are soldiers that are soldiers of humanity, and they come to this village to be served and taken care of.”

And the people in the village were very excited about this and said, “Oh my, this is wonderful that we get to do these things, and where are they going? Will they tell us what their mission is?”

And the mayor said, “Probably not. They probably will be rather quiet about their mission, because they have many, many other villages to travel to, as they go to the headquarters where they are going to be doing very, very wonderful work for humanity. So, we’re just going to hold the light for them and support.”

One of the people raised their hand and said, “OH! Tell me, when do we ever get to be a parachuter? Is there a place for us to go? Is there some place that we can go to be a parachuter?”

And the mayor said, “You know, yes, you know, there is. But I need to tell you that after they come and gotten everything that they need, and you serve them and you do whatever you can do to lovingly support them, and you are so wonderful because you are supporting them with your homes and your food, which you’re not being paid to do. And you are making sure that all of their needs are met, and each one of you will have one of the parachuters in your home. So, I’ve chosen just special homes for these parachuters to be, because I know these are the people in our village that will be most supportive of the parachuters.”

“Oh this is great!”

So the parachuters came and landed in the village and the townspeople were thrilled and of course opened their hearts and their homes to these parachuters. Now, these parachuters were so grateful to the townspeople because they gave up their homes and unconditional love to them without asking any questions. They didn’t quiz them or try to find out what their mission was. They didn’t do anything but simply love them and let them go on their way.

Well, they served these parachuters for two months, as the parachuters reoriented themselves through this town and this atmosphere that they had to do in order to go forward on their mission, and they were very, very grateful. And before they left, the head parachuter, the one that was in charge of all the other soldiers, said, “I need to tell your village something very, very important. Someday, each one of you will be able to learn how to parachute. And you will be able to go into a village and support humanity and learn the things you need to learn. This is important for you to know, because you have done such a wonderful job of loving us and supporting us, and giving of your time, and your money, and your energy, and everything that is necessary for you to move on yourselves. And because we are very grateful for your help, we are going to give you extra ‘credits’ to go onto the school when it is your time to go to the school, so you will be able to get into the class that you need to go to, to be parachuters … and eventually land into a community, a country, and go ahead with your mission to support humanity.”

Well, the townspeople were very, very excited about this and they said, “Oh wow, we can’t wait!”

But there were a few people that said, “You know, that’s too much work. That’s too hard. My God! To be a parachuter, we have to go off to school to be a parachuter? My God, that is too much work! That is so hard to do! You know what? Uh-uh, I want to leave. I’m leaving this village. I don’t want any part of this village because this is not what I wanted to do. I wanted to just enjoy the village and I didn’t want to really do anything else. So, I’m going to go off to where I want to go off to.”

And the mayor said, “Absolutely, you are free to leave. You don’t have to stay in this village. You can go wherever you want and do whatever you want to do. You’ve had a really good education here in our little village, and you are free to do whatever you want to do, however you want to do it. Someday, you will want to be a parachuter, but that’ll be the day you want to do. And then, you’ll have these extra credits already taken care of that are sitting waiting for you. So, you’re not going to lose anything because you were very, very kind to all of the parachuters that came. So, you’re not going to lose any credits, but you just won’t be gaining any more until you go into the class you need to go into, to become your own parachuter, and then do what you need to do for humanity.”

Well, this young man and this young woman got a hold of many, many other people in their village and they talked to them and they had meetings. And this group decided that they were going to leave because they really weren’t interested in any of this other stuff. They hadn’t seen enough of the world yet, and they wanted to see a lot more before they became parachuters. So, they left, and they went off to wherever they wanted to go. Some went to Paris, France, some went to California, and some went to New York City. They dispersed and went wherever they wanted to go … which was wonderful, because now they had the opportunity to do all those things. And the mayor knew that they needed to do that, because it was important to them and their heart’s desire to travel and do these things. It was important for them to fulfill that, because if they hadn’t fulfilled that and tried to get into school before they fulfilled those worldly desires, they would still have to come back and finish up the desires they had already put out into the universe.

So, with all that, they knew that these people needed to go. They needed to go where they needed to go, and get fed from where they were feeling they needed to be fed. And so they left, and we don’t know what happened to them. They went off and did what their hearts told them to do; what they were happy to do.

But, there was this other group that said, “No, what do we have to do to become parachuters? What do we have to do?”

Well, the Mayor said, “You know, if you want to stay here and work on becoming a parachuter, I can help you to do that, but you’re going to have to really step up and obey the rules of the village completely. And you have to trust me that I can help you, but you must obey the rules of the village. The village has certain rules that you must, under no circumstances, break the law of those rules.”

“OH!” said some of them, “OH, NO!”

So, there’s another little group that said, “Oh, oh, no, no, no! I don’t want to…oh no, uh-uh! I don’t want to be tied down to some rules; I don’t want to do that … No! No, that’s too much. We didn’t know that we were going to have to learn to obey and be responsible. You know I offered my house, and I let everybody come in, and I cooked for them and I washed their clothes, and I did all these wonderful things for them. But, I had no intentions, no intentions to having to obey every law of this village that are going to be put in place from this time forward.”

So, another little group left because they didn’t want to obey the rules and be responsible, because that was just too much, too much responsibility. They had had a hard life and they didn’t want to be bothered, and they were feeling very put upon. And they were very, “Oh, my God!” Then, another small group left the village.

Now, the village is getting smaller and smaller, and the Mayor said, “I’m very glad that these people left, because they had wanted to run their own life according to their own ideas of how they want to run their life. They don’t want any guidance. They don’t want a mayor that will help them in the manner that a mayor helps his little village. They want to go off to a little city where they can hide and don’t have to do anything very much. And they can play, and they can enjoy their life, and just absolutely do what they want to do. Eventually, they will come back to the place where they know … it may take them several more lifetimes, but they will come back and want to move again into being parachuters.”

Ok. Now, another group comes up and says, “What if we really don’t want to be parachuters? Maybe that’s not really what we want in our life. We’re disciplined, we’re doing our things, but we just haven’t quite wanted to give up everything. We’d like to keep a few little things,” they said. “A few little things that I still want to hang onto. My vanity, my pride, and I want to hang onto those things. I don’t want to lose my vanity or my pride, or my perfectionism. Oh no, that would be too hard…too hard…those are things that I honor. After all, I am very prideful and I think I’ve done all kinds of wonderful things and I have a lot of pride. And I have developed this wonderful part of me that is able to work in the best interest of my egoic self and all those things.”

You know what? All of a sudden, another group of people are leaving, because why? Of course, they are thinking of just themselves and maybe they’d have to give up their pride or the things that they cherish. They might have to give up some of the things they cherish. Oh, they don’t want to do that or whatever they feel is important in their lives.

Now, they’re not like the first group or the second group or the third group. There are some of them that have started to work with the Mayor, but as he got more personal with them and supported them more, then they started thinking,

“Do I really want to give that much up of myself? Do I really? I think it’s wonderful to be humble, and I am very humble. You can ask all of my neighbors how humble I am, and how wonderful and thoughtful I am. I wouldn’t want to give that up! I think that’s a gem, a gem. I think I’m very … I’ve accomplished this. Look how lovely I am, and how I take care of my children, and how I do all these wonderful, loving things. Why would I want to give that up?”

And the Mayor said, “You know, I wonder if you could love them in a new way? I wonder if there’s other ways that you could love your children that you don’t know about right now … your animals, or your business partners. I wonder if you don’t know. Wouldn’t that be worth staying in school?”

“Oh, oh, oh-no, oh, God, oh, my God, now you’re really asking a lot from me. Now you’re asking a lot. I can’t give this up. I can’t give up my pride. I can’t give up my most intelligent mind, and I can’t give up my idea of what is perfect and how I’ve tried to live up to my perfection in my own mind. And I’m getting closer and closer to my perfectionism, and I’m getting to like myself a little bit. So, I’m not giving up any of that stuff! I won’t give it up. I can’t give it up, because that’s all very good things. Those are good things. And you know what? I wore myself like a coat of warm, warm, a warm wool coat on a really cold winter day. I wore myself with my pride, and I wore myself with how loving I am, and I wore myself with my perfectionism. And, I wore myself of my great intelligence. I just wore myself with this, and I’m so … you know what … it just feels so good. This is just so wonderful to be able to sit with this coat around me, and just feel ok about myself because I am a good person.”

“OH!” says the Mayor. “Look, I’m not intending to take any of that away.”

“You don’t have to take that away?”

“NO! You keep it, you keep it! It’s very important for you to keep that. If that’s what you want, you keep those things. Those wonderful, little things that keep you warm on a cozy night, and you think about yourself, and you think, ‘I’m really a good person and look how much I’ve come forward now, and how great thou art here.’”

The Mayor then says, “Hey, we love you and I think this other village down the road is going to appreciate you greatly, because you’re so humble and you have all these really high standards for yourself. And they’re going to appreciate you coming in and living in their village, because maybe you can teach them to be more humble, or maybe you can teach them how to use their intellect. Or, maybe you can teach them how to be perfect, according to you; this is what you feel about yourself. I suggest you go and find a village that will accept you, and love you and support you, and give you the applause that you need. It’s obvious to me that you need somebody to tell you that you’re really wonderful. And since you need that from the village, this village is not going to give it to you, because this is not important to my village … it’s not important. But, I want you to go and I want you to find the perfect, perfect village out there that’s going to accept you and love you, and give you all the, ‘you are wonderful,’ and tell you all the things that you want to hear. I applaud you.”

So, the group got together and they sang praises to this person that wanted to leave and train all these other people on how to be humble, and how to do all these things, and how wonderful it was. And so, the village people that were left, circled that soul and said, “We love you and we support you, and we release you to go to the village that will accept you, and give you the love that you want. But, I will tell you, before you leave, because I love you, there will be a time when you’re going to have enough of that. You’re going to say, ‘I filled myself up with that. I’m done and it’s so wonderful and I’m realizing that didn’t make me happy. I’m still unhappy, but I’m more happy with all of their praise than when I wasn’t getting any praise.’ So, you know, you’re going to think about that. But, you know that you have over here a bunch of spiritual credits that we’re holding for you, and we’re not going to spend them … we’re not going to spend them. We’re going to save them for you … you earned them. You have earned them, because you’ve been in this little village and you’ve done this wonderful thing for the people that landed, and we love you and we support you. We’ll keep these credits in a safe deposit box that you’ll only get them when you want to become a parachuter. You will not get them until then, because we’re going to freeze them off and send them over, so that you don’t waste any of your spiritual credits on anything foolish. So, we’re going to freeze them over here. We’re going to love you and freeze them over here, and not let you waste them.”

“I’m so glad you’re going to freeze them over here, oh my God, thank you so much for freezing my credits. I’ll be back to get them, but right now I want to go find a village that thinks I’m really great, and I want to teach them all the things I’ve learned. And I will be very, very…I will love them and they will love me, and I will feel so good about myself because I’ve done this.”

The townspeople waved to them and said, “Bye! We love you, go forth, go forth and do your heart’s desire and that will be fulfilled.”

Now, we’re looking around at the village. Whoa. There’s only about five people left in the village and the Mayor said, “Wow, you know, I understand and it’s ok.”

And the five people said, “We don’t want to stop. We don’t want to get out of this class. We don’t want to stop learning. We don’t want to stop from being parachuters. It’s very important, and nobody’s going to stop me from being a parachuter. I don’t care what I need to do, how I need to do it. I am going to dedicate my life, this lifetime, to being a parachuter, so that next lifetime, I will be able to have all the credits I need to become a true parachuter, and be able to go down and help many people all over the world.”

The Mayor was very happy he had five. He had 50 people in his village. Now, he’s got five. And that’s ok, because those five will become parachuters. He’s very grateful that there’s five. But, what happens if a couple of those who want this no matter what, and will do whatever they want when it really, really gets tough, because now they’re up in higher, higher ground, and it’s going to be very, very, very difficult, and the Mayor says, “I want to tell you, you think that all of the things that you’ve had to do up to this point have been tough, and you’ve gone through what you need to go through…I’m going to tell you there’s tougher things coming to you, and I’m not going to lie to you because I love you. They are tougher, tougher, tougher than you ever thought possible, because you are going to give up everything you ever thought…your mind, everything, to move into that place where you are the perfect parachuter. That’s what’s going to happen. But, you can’t take anything with you! Except you…the ‘I’ that you’re going to uncover. But that ‘I’ will be so, so stripped—STRIPPED of any identification of any kind. In fact, you won’t even know yourself, who you are. You will move into the unknowing of the unknowing and the beyond of the beyond. I love you and I need to tell you the truth.”

“You will be tested upside down and sideways every minute of your day. And it just gets tougher and harder, and you have to shake loose of your human-hood, and this is what it takes. It takes this. As long as there is one inch of human-hood in you, you cannot make this final journey, because you’re going to have to sacrifice EVERYTHING … EVERYTHING. Everything at this point that you hold dear, and that you love, and that you kept hidden underneath your shirt. But, I know what’s hidden back there. I know what’s hidden, and I’m going to go in there and I’m going to operate on you. And I’m going to push through any resistance you have to taking this step, and you are going to push against me. You will push against me because you won’t want to do it. You’ll push against me. Although your mouth will say, ‘Oh, yes, I want to do this,’ but your actions will not prove that to me. And I will know you are not willing to take the final initiation before you can become a pilot.”

OH! Actually, you become the pilot, you really do, of all the other parachuters under you. That’s what I am. I’m the pilot with all the parachuters under me. But that’s the truth. So, this is the test. This is the responsibility that one has.

The Mayor says, “I am not going to tell you what to do. You are going to figure out what you need to do with yourself. No one’s going to tell you. All this training you’ve had in the last seven or eight years…you’re going to have to come to Jesus now. Just to use a funny word here, you’re going to have to come to yourself. You’re going to have to look at yourself in ways that you do not want to look at yourself. Those hidden things that you’ve kept hidden and hoped that nobody sees, or even hidden from yourself. You will not be able to…and I tell you, it’s getting tougher, guys. Please, my five that are here, my five, I’m going to tell you right now…really look. Do you want to? You’re going to have to give more than lip service. You’re going to have to do a lot more than say, ‘This is what I want, this would be nice, oh yes, this sounds wonderful.’ You know that those people are off that think it’s wonderful and it’s going to be easy. Those people are out of here now—they’re gone, you see? They’re no longer in our village. You’re here. You are in our village and you, because I really, truly love you, you need to know just what you’re getting into. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you it’s going to be simple.

NO! You’re going to be turned upside down in ways you’ve never dreamed of being turned upside down. You’re going to be shaken free of any ego you have left or anything that’s keeping you from becoming the parachuter. And so I say to you, these next things are going to be even more difficult than it’s ever been. And I’m not trying to scare you, my beloved five, I’m not trying to scare you at all. I’m just telling you that you need to know that if you really want to get to this point, you’re going to have a huge, huge, shift in total, total 100% awareness of who you are. And you may think, ‘Oh, that sounds wonderful, I can’t wait to do that’ HA! You’re going to have to give up everything, plus your soul before it happens.

Did you hear me?” the Mayor says, “At the end of all this, you’re going to move into the…and you’re going to give the soul that you know your soul to be, over to the huge Over-Soul. That is the way, I tell you, that is the only way you become an individual expression of God, because you no longer have anything that announces who you think you are. It’s going…going, going, gone.

And when I say you give up your soul, I say you won’t give up your soul until you understand your soul upside down and sideways. And you won’t be asked to do that, because you’ll never be asked to do that. I never was asked to do it,” the Mayor says, “No, I knew that was what I needed to do. I knew that was my moment in time. I had given everything up. I had given up everything … my family, my home, my everything. My children, my jobs, my everything that I held precious in any way close to my heart. It all went; it all went down the toilet because none of it was real. All of it was make-believe stuff that I believed about myself and none of it was real! So, I had to in my moment of realizing that none of it was real, and I’d seen my whole self … completely my whole soul. And I knew my history of my soul and I knew my past lives. And I knew everything that made me tick and everything that motivated me and didn’t motivate me. And then I had something to offer. Then I had something of value to offer. And that was my whole self, and I knew what my whole self was. And that was extreme freedom—extreme. Once I let go of that, this is all I have left to give.”

But, I say to you, you will never give that until you choose to give it, and you cannot sit here and say to the Mayor, “oh well I give my soul right now, this is really great.” No! It won’t be taken. It will not be received. It will not be received because you have not done the work. You have not done the work to master that part of yourself. Mastering your soul. Mastering, and then it dissolves into the Infinite and you are an individualized expression of the Infinite. But you’re going to have to do the work.

So, that’s the end of my story.