JE Group Talk
September 2, 2015
The Seven Rays and Will

Well, thank you for all the information you’ve been sending me on the Rays that you feel that you’re on and also your use of Will, which is such an important part of your journey and always has been, never has been less than. Your Will has been everything, and I think that you’re all recognizing now so much more about your Will being everything, because as you’re finding out, your Will drives everything. It’s your automobile that pulls the tractor and pulls your life and pulls you around by the nose. That’s why you want to have it under your control and not have you under its control.

I wanted to start out today by asking everybody to ask me a question that maybe they are wondering about or want more information about. So since I already asked the group here, I have (student) had a question and (student) had a question and the other two of you…that was a conversation before the two of you came…but I’m going to ask everybody to ask me a question. That’s my question to you: Ask a question. So, there you are. I’m going to turn to (student) and she’s going to take the lead here.

Student: “I wanted to talk to you. We had mentioned the disconnect today, and I wanted to ask you about that disconnect, because the plug’s been pulled. How does that plug…what I’m saying is, on your spiritual journey when you’re disconnected, when you’re in the void…”

Oh, you want me to talk about the void? Certainly address that. (Student) wanted me to talk to you all particularly about the void. As you are taking your step, and you’ve let go of the old and the new hasn’t started yet, but you know you’ve let go of the old and you’ve disconnected yourself from that old consciousness because it’s really an old consciousness that you disconnect yourself from … but the new one hasn’t come into fruition just yet, there’s always a void time.

And the reason the void time is there is so that you know that when it starts up again, that you’re listening to a new drummer. The old tune is not being played, if you will, and you turn off the radio and the radio gets turned on again. Instead of having a jazz song, you have a country/western song. But, if you didn’t have a moment of disconnect and just ran right into a country/western song, you might not recognize the big transition you’ve made until weeks or months later when you start to understand, “Oh, it’s not this, it’s…” and you would be measuring back and forth.

This way there’s a disconnect. When the radio goes on again and the new song that’s playing or the new consciousness is starting to develop more and more in you, it’s very recognizable because it’s different. You haven’t heard anything and all of a sudden you’re feeling a different vibration; you’re feeling a different energy. I call it the void sometimes, there are several names for it…the void, the quiet, the moment between one step and another. That’s what I’m talking about.

Does that help you, (student)? She’s in a void here. She can’t put her old self together, but she doesn’t have a new self to put together. Am I…ok, that’s exactly what I’m talking about with (student.) And this is a huge step, and when you have a huge step and you’ve disconnected from your old self and your new self hasn’t…you don’t recognize your new self yet and it comes into fruition into your conscious mind slowly but surely. But then you realize after a month or two that you’re not thinking like you use to think anymore, because there’s been enough distance between…

Another way to put this is, I always liked pink. I love pink. And so I just love, love, love pink, so I disconnect myself from pink and I’m in a void. So when the peach comes in, which is very close to pink in some ways, you know it’s a different color because you’ve disconnected yourself enough from the pink, so that when the peach comes in, even though it has some hue of the pink (it has some yellow, blah, blah, blah, however that works,) you see the difference.

You start to see the difference between one consciousness and the other. Especially when you are moving through a huge transition, and it used to drive me crazy when the old me would be gone and I didn’t have any identity. I didn’t have an identity and I didn’t have an identity, and I just woke up in the morning and did what I was supposed to do with my family, my children, whatever. If I was working, I would go to my job and I would know that I wasn’t the person that used to go to that job. Or I wasn’t thinking that way or I wasn’t thinking at all. It was a disconnect.

Good, good, good? Everybody here is saying good. Anybody else in this room right now have a question? (Student) always has a question…let’s take this over to (student), she always has one more question for me…

Student: “Yes, that’s why I was a reporter, because I like to ask questions. Alright, Jane Elizabeth, when did you know you went beyond human-hood? What was the experience for you…the reporter question”.

When was I absolutely sure? I’ve got to go back, because I live in this world so much that I don’t remember exactly the transition. When did I know that I no longer was human…the year? I can’t give you the year because it all kind of blends together for me. When I really truly realized that I was in the Seventh state of being, that must be what you are talking about. Are you talking about the Seventh state of being? Yeah, ok, I had gone beyond the human-hood? Oh, that goes way back, maybe 20-25 years ago, I was moving through that. But when I made my last transition, the big one, that was another huge step.

I began to know that I was moving out of human-hood when I no longer found myself vacillating from one side of the human-hood to the other—going beyond the opposites. That was the time that I started to realize that I had moved beyond the opposites. It was a slow…it took a long time to realize that. It took many years to get control of my mind and control of how I observed myself in the opposites. In order to move out of the opposites, I had to learn exactly how my mind worked in the opposites and how They pushed me around, and how my Will worked in the opposites.

And then when I started to move out of that, I found myself less and less in the drama of the world, more and more detached. There was not a moment that I suddenly realized…it was a slow, mature—maturing of my consciousness. It was slowly but surely maturing. And when I went back to think about, maybe last year, I was thinking, wow, I’m no longer those things that used to bother me a year ago. I’m not even thinking about them and they don’t bother me or I’m beyond them. I don’t vacillate in the opposites anymore.

And if I did find myself, if I tell you this, I hope you don’t take this wrong, because once I got to that place where I knew I was beyond the opposites, what happened was, if I felt myself in an opposite, it was always, “Oh! I need to learn something! There’s something more about that opposite that I need to learn.” Or I’m trying to take another spiritual step and it was like ding, ding, ding, ding! And it would be so loud that … that would take my attention and that would take me to my next step.

So, I was always excited when I found something in my garden that wasn’t there—there’s a weed in my garden—OH! I’ll go pull the weed and find out what it is. It made my spiritual journey much easier because there was something I needed to see or something I needed to do. Or if I needed to dismantle a consciousness, which I had to dismantle about 20 of them through the journey, not only did I have to dismantle my sub-consciousness, I also had to dismantle the consciousnesses that I lived in.

A good example for everybody is (church). I was the (church) girl. I dressed like her, did what (they) expected me to do and what that society honored—I had to dress the way they would see me and I would blend with them. I wanted to blend and work with them. I knew I wasn’t a consciousness. It was me, but it wasn’t me. I knew I was playing a role; I was very clearly playing a role and I enjoyed the role but I also enjoyed not being in the role the minute I got home. I was no longer in the role.

I would just throw off my clothes and I would be back to my real identity, which was that role and 25 other roles that you learn to play because you’re no longer that role anymore…you’re playing the mother because your children are here. You’re playing the teacher because the students. You’re playing the person that’s doing the video, because that’s what I’m doing, and when I get through with the video, I just throw down that consciousness and walk away. And go back into it as I choose to go back into it.

So, I’m probably answering far too much. I’m going to quit right there, because I could go on for an hour, two hours, in how that works and how you take it apart and how you have many aspects of that. That’s why I taught you early on to dismantle your consciousness. I gave you a whole thread, a whole diagram on how that’s done, so that would always be available to you … so, whenever you had to dismantle something, you had a guide. One, you do this, two, you do that…you all have that consciousness dismantle paper. If you don’t, go through your notes and get it, because that’s always an important part of the journey that I’ve taught you to be on.

Those things are extremely important. Sometimes I find that I give you a tool and I say, “You’re going to use this, you’re going to need this dismantling thing, you’re going to need this blue sword.” It doesn’t mean because I’m not talking about it every week or I don’t address it again for three or four months, that you weren’t supposed to be using it. You see? The thing is, a spiritual student will pick up the thing and say, “Oh, this is really great, I’ll start using it.” And use it for two weeks, set it aside, and not pick it up again.

This is the thing that is NOT to be done, because that’s exactly what keeps you stuck. If you say, “Oh well, I have to give up a certain thing like alcohol, and so I give it up.” And six months later you find that you don’t drink anymore and you’ll be ok, and you start drinking again. Doesn’t mean you’re supposed to pick it up six months later.

Anyways, I’m talking about bad habits … a bad habit … that’s what I’m talking about. When you’re ditching a bad habit, it doesn’t mean you pick it up a year from now or six months from now and you have to ditch it all over again. Let bygones be bygones. I’m moving out of this because I need to do something different. Am I making any sense? I could say so much and I don’t want to say too much.

Ok, (student), do you have a question? (Student) does not have a question. (Student)? (Student) does not have a question. How about (student and student)?

(Student), you look like you’re in pain!

Student: I’m not sure if this is too theoretical but, you know, everybody always talks about wanting the world to get better and make a difference in the world. And I know we’re supposed to work and help improve things for people, but is it true or not true that this world of opposites will never get better? And it’s designed not to get better, and it’s just supposed to be what it is so that we’ll transcend it and move into another world … and so give it up because it’s, like you said, the poor you’ll always have.

You couldn’t have said it better, (student), perfect! That’s exactly right. This is the world of opposites. It’s there for only one purpose: to help you grow and to learn to become awake of who you truly are, and go through the many experiences of development. Developing your mind, developing your Will, developing the Seven Rays, developing your abilities and talents that you want to develop. (Student) has always wanted to develop the one thing … music, for many lifetimes. (Student), you have always been working on developing more and more mind, my mind, getting a better intellect, getting a better intellect, etc.

Some people develop on all the different Rays, and we all do have the different Rays so that we balance … so that we’re not always in the intellect or we’re not always in the devotional Ray. If everybody is devotional, we’d never move because we’d be so devoted to the sun. This is one of the ways—the Inca tribes were so devoted to the sun and they loved the sun and worshipped the sun, and they were caught up and that was God to them, you know?

And a lot of people were stuck, way back then, in worshipping God in a certain manner, and they can’t let go of that idea of God that they’ve been taught or have taught themselves 10 lifetimes ago. So, they’re stuck in their small ideas of what God is and what God is like, which is totally…God goes beyond the mind. You’ve got to give up your mind to totally understand, but at least for many, many of us, God was a good hanger. We could hang ourselves onto the God concept as we moved from the sun God and we started worshipping the church, and then we started worshipping this.

We’ve had many things that we’ve worshipped. And worshipping God is great. It helps us to a point. Then, we have to give up our idea of what we think God is. And it’s always the hardest thing. It certainly was the hardest thing for me to let go of in the Seven0’s. I thought my teacher stabbed me in the neck when it was like, “Give up your idea of God.” God was the love, my love. God was my life! I was devoted to God. I had to give that up and that was terribly difficult … terribly hard.

But, I would have stayed stuck. I would be still stuck there. I wouldn’t be teaching you anything now, because I would still be back in that little tiny framework of reference of what God is. I love when I have a student that comes without any religious background or has given up religion all together, when they come, because they’re so much cleaner, so much easier to teach and work with than those who have come with parents who have taught them to think of God in a certain way.

Like (student’s) parents taught her to think about God in the Catholic genre. Unity, you were raised in Unity, you were taught about God as Unity was taught as New Thought, and yet New Thought is limited. It’s got a lot more to it than that. It’s great … it’s great that she was Catholic. But, she needed to walk out of that. If she still had that framework of reference, she’d still be a Catholic going to mass every Sunday and thinking that’s all she needed to do … to ask forgiveness for her sins and she’d been devoted to the Catholic church and that portion.

Unity, a lot of us came from Unity …well, I was Methodist, but eventually, well, I never came from Unity, but my teacher sent me to Unity and that’s a whole different story. Unity has some very wonderful ideas, but Charles Fillmore knew there was far more. And he didn’t want Unity to stop where it was, because he knew that there was more to the evolution of consciousness than he knew or could even talk about. But he knew that there was more. And so that is why if there’s any limitations that we have to get rid of—our false beliefs—that’s so important to get rid of them, because if we don’t get rid of them, we’re not going to move, because it’s beyond those belief systems.

They ARE belief systems. Belief systems have to go. They don’t belong in the spiritual realm—that doesn’t exist. You’re talking about something in the 4th dimension, well, I’m going to talk…because they have the Christ Consciousness that (church) identifies and I haven’t used for years, because it helped me to help people move ahead that were (church) people—they could go along with the Christ Consciousness. Had I said it was something different, I would have gotten kicked out of there much earlier than I was.

So, it’s always stretching yourself. You’re a soul evolving—what does that mean? You can’t stay stuck with whatever you think something is, because as soon as you believe it with all your heart and soul, you’re going to be stuck in that belief. You’ll be stuck there. You have to be flexible. That’s why I say be flexible. Each step has its process to take you out of the world of illusion into the next possibility for you.

Only when you’re in it, can you understand it. I can’t even tell it to you now. I have no words. If you were sitting with me and you were in it with me, we would have our conversation … any more than a squirrel can understand you talking to it about human-hood. But you get another human, you can talk about human-hood. You get another Master, you can talk about a lot of stuff you can’t talk about as a human being, because you don’t have any concept…well, concept is even a bad word, because you have to give up concepts all together because it’s an experience.

And experience brings its own understanding. And that’s about as much as I can say. Experience brings its own understanding, so you have to have the experience to understand, and there’s many aspects to “experience.” And you experience one aspect, then there’s another one that gets built on the last experience. It’s like one step after another step after another step, and they each have their purpose for you as you grow and change.

So, don’t hang on to anything. Don’t hang onto it. Always be fluid. Be very fluid that, “This is it and I’m moving with it,” because there’s so many different aspects to YOU—YOU, personally, there’s many aspects to you that you don’t even know! You don’t know all the aspects to yourself. And everyone here that I look at and see, has different aspects to themselves. They are on different Rays. They were born on a different Ray. They live and breathe under a certain Ray and then they have other aspects of other Rays that blend with the Ray that they’re on.

And they advance as they develop that Ray—there’s positive and negative to that Ray—the positive is one thing, and that’s why I wanted you to read the positive and the negative to the Rays, because as well as you are the positive part of the Ray of Will, you have a negative part of the Ray of Will. True with Love, true with Knowledge, true with every other aspect of all the Seven Rays. So, it’s just as important to study the negative portion of the Rays as it is the positive.

I thought it was really great…oh, I’m on the Love Ray…then I had to look at the negative of the Love Ray and I could see very much that I was on the negative side of the Love Ray. On the Devotional Ray, I had very many traits of that negative side … of some of that. I had to balance it. That’s why it’s very important for you all to learn your Rays, and learn all about all the Rays because you have to Master the first three Rays for sure on the top level, with sprinklings of all the rest of them that help you express when you have all three Rays totally balanced with all the other secondary Rays underneath you.

And I’m going to be talking to you, drawing pictures, I’m going to try my best to give you a true understanding of how your soul has developed through all of this, because if you can understand that, then you can start dismantling the negative in a conscious manner so that you can bring forth the positive, eliminate the negative … I think there’s a song that goes like that … and move on.

And so, I’m taking you to another aspect. Besides learning all about karma and your karma that you’ve been doing throughout the many lifetimes, you’ve also been doing Rays—all the different Rays. AND, on top of that, all the Initiations! You think you’re not complicated. Look how complicated that is! Rays, Initiations, karma, individualities, abilities. I mean, look how complicated each individual soul is. There isn’t just a little, “Oh, this is this and this is that.” It’s a little bit of all that.

It’s like baking a cake. It has all the ingredients of a chocolate cake or a vanilla cake or a spice cake. You have all those ingredients that make the whole. So, I often refer to cake and the different ingredients that make the whole. You are the same way! And we’re going to start taking that information out and put it on the table. We’re going to have eggs … when I’m talking about that, I’m talking about Rays. You’ve got the part of each one of those Rays that you’re working on, and they influence you. They influence you greatly. Far more than you have any idea—along with your karma, along with the initiation that your soul is taking this lifetime, I mean…

And throughout the last 30 years, I’ve been teaching a little bit about the Rays, a lot about karma and some about initiation, because there’ just so much to understand. So much you can collect and understand. So, I’ve been trying, slowly but surely, adding new ingredients in my teaching so that you could assimilate them and get to understand them and understand the energy of them, because there’s so much. It’s very hard to talk about all of it at once. And I’m struggling to even talk about what I’m talking about today, because I don’t want to confuse you. I don’t want to confuse you.

And the most important thing you have to understand is the Ray of Will … oh, my God. Oh, my God. That’s the ruler. It rules. It rules. Everything else in your life, it rules. It rules your initiation, it rules your habits, it rules your desires, it rules the primary ray and also the secondary Rays that you’re on. It rules all that. That’s why … getting a hold of that Will and having it clutch to your heart of hearts and never out of your heart of hearts, always keeping it right in front of you. “This is my Will, how am I going to use it today? What am I going to do with my Will today? How am I going to let it take me here or there?”

As soon as you harness that, then you can use it to really help yourself to grow and to change, because it also helps you to change. When you see a change coming, you say, “Oh, that’s how I use my Will … I’ve got to let go of it with that purpose and use my Will for this purpose.” And you’re going to be going through that your whole evolutionary process from the beginning of time, using your Will. The way you wanted to, in all your other lifetimes, using the Will the way you wanted to, how you wanted to. And it’s yours, because it’s free…you have free will.

Are there any questions from my other people? (Student), did I help you understand? I think I went way off! Don’t ask me a question, I’ll answer 25 different things (laughing). How about (student)? How about (student) over here…hello (student), do you have a question?

Student: “You probably already touched on this, but when you see a part of your human Will, and it’s not as positive as it can be, it’s not positive, and so you can blue sword it, obviously, but is it helpful to dismantle it, basically to get beyond ego and personality…is that right?”

Ego and personality using that Will for its purpose—going beyond the ego and personality’s use of the Will. That’s a great way to put it.

Student: “That sounds great, because you said that last week, and I kept it. But that’s helpful. So you go beyond the ego and the personality in the use of that Will.”

Yes. You use that Will to pull you out of your personality and your ego, because your ego and personality in many ways are very entwined like a fist, entwined, and you have to take it apart. You have to let go of the ego part of it because the Will has been very much directed by the ego.

Student: “Ok, so, good luck, huh?” [Laughing]

They’re laughing here with a smiling laugh, in my corners here, so, all right. (Student) how are you? Can you ask a question?

Student: “I don’t know that I have a question formed yet…”

If you had a question, what would it be?

Student: “Ok, you know with what we were just talking about, the wrestling, and I know I’ve been over the different tools. I guess wrestling my ego back from the personality… how do you get your mind ok with…I mean, I’m exhausted and have had a huge awakening with how my Will is using my personality.”

OK, good! Are you asking too about the tool…what spiritual tools would I use to help me with my Will? That’s real simple … the tool that always was helpful to me was … I used to always use my spiritual thermometer to find out where my Will was on the thermometer … which I have not talked about with you all very often. In fact, maybe I’ve never addressed the Will with the thermometer. I was trying to just get you to be able to handle your opposites with the spiritual thermometer.

But, I also use my spiritual thermometer for my Will. And now I’m going to throw you a curve here about the spiritual thermometer. I used to take that and put down how I was using my Will on the spiritual thermometer. Did I use it positive today or did I use it negative today? And I wasn’t’ talking about the opposites of the … you know, I’ll draw you a picture of that when everybody’s here. If I had a blackboard … one of the things I have a problem with, like when I’m addressing you like I am tonight, as I do so often, if I had a blackboard, I could draw pictures and draw the lines and connect the dots for you.

I think you get it easier than my talking about it. I’m giving you a picture and I’m also giving you an explanation, which helps in two ways when I’m talking. So right now, I’d love to get a pencil and paper. Next week we’ll do a blackboard behind me. So, I guess maybe I’m going to be teaching more … ok, there we are. So, I guess I’m going to use my … ok, we eventually are going to use our Wednesday nights as very much a teaching tool where I am going to be on the blackboard and be explaining things. The format is going to be different after the retreat; we’re going to be talking to you all about that.

That way, when you ask a question, I can draw it on the board and start to do the dots and dashes and all the things that are … yes, yes, your question is similar to (student’s) question, ok? Ok. I got a yes. I think (student) is the only one here that hasn’t had an opportunity to say something.

Student: “The first thing that came to me, could we have an example, could I have an example of using my Will behind the Law of Loving Understanding, because what I have been working on is the Loving Understanding. What does that look like and feel like, putting my Will behind it?”

Ok, we’ll keep that question and I’ll draw you a picture when you come. That will be easy for me to demonstrate with a picture. Harder for me to talk, as I’m having trouble talking tonight and explaining things, because I don’t have my blackboard to say, “This is this and this is that, and this connects with this, and this connects with this, and this is why it’s like it is.” I guess we go back to Overland Park when I was doing that a lot. I always had a blackboard; I was always drawing on my black board. Not always, but a lot of the time. That thing was always there so I could run to it.

So, anyway, I think I’ve asked everybody … now I think I’ve connected with everyone. I guess the next thing is just keep working on the Seven Rays and looking at that, because I want a foundation with which to work when you come, and I’m going to use my blackboard to help me to help you understand what I’m trying to convey to you. And I think it is the easiest way for me to do my work with you all … all of you.

Can’t take my blackboard away (laughing) any longer! I want it back! So, with that said, let’s just close our eyes and just be one with each other.