JE Discourse
The Spiritual Journey is Your Responsibility
June 24, 2015

I think last week we were talking about flexibility and I got your different messages and I did read them over about being flexible and finding new ways of being flexible. And giving yourself some opportunities to step up to the plate in a new way. We have to be able to change on a dime; that much you know by now very well.

Things are happening, particularly in your spiritual life, that are there to teach you to stay out of your humanhood. Stay out of your egoic self that needs things to be a certain way in order to make it happy. If my son is doing what I want my son to do, then I’m happy. But, (student) has to be flexible, (student) has to be flexible here. They have to understand, what is he really saying? What is that son really saying to you? And how do you really work with him? Why does he pick on your daughter? Why is that? Take it to the higher level. Look at the karmic piece that they’re in.

Why is it more difficult? And stand on the mountain because now you all have the opportunity to stand on the mountain and see things for what they are. Not third dimensionally but fourth dimensionally. Everybody is there, in your life, from the past. They are there from the past and I don’t care if it’s a new job; I don’t care if it’s a health situation; I don’t care what it is. It has all to do with your karma. None of these things would be happening to you unless you had karma mixed up in the mix because it’s impossible. The world is about karma.

So, I’m sitting here looking at (students) right now; they’re on my computer big time. Since you two are sitting in front of me, so-to-speak, I’m going to address this because now lift it higher. What’s really going on (student), what’s really going on (student) with this problem that you’re having with your son. He’s 15, yeah, and he’s got problems, yeah, but he’s also wanting something from you differently. And you’ve got to figure out what is it that he really wants. Sometimes it’s really surprising what your child really wants.

I was always shocked what my daughter was having such fits over. It was never really about the things at school…it was always about things that were going on within her. And then she’d be acting out at the siblings. She’d be yelling at one of the kids and she’d be being mean to somebody in the family. And I started to realize that it had nothing to do with that child or nothing to do with, “They are mad at me or they don’t like me,” what was really going on? That was not what was wrong at all. They were acting out to me and I had to take it higher and look at what’s really happening here. What need do they have that’s not being met? Why are they in this soup? And so these are some of the things for (students) because I’m looking at them.

This is kind of what you have to ask here about what he’s doing because he’s trying to tell you something other than what he’s trying to tell you. He’s trying to break through something and he’s picking on her for some reason. Stand up higher; look at this from the higher point of view because there’s something you can do to support him. And it’s something bigger and you need to access that Higher Self of yours.

And this is true for everyone. You’ve got to access that higher part. Why are you feeling that you can’t be more flexible? What is it? What keeps you from being more flexible? Is it scary to be more flexible? Is it the fear of the unknown? It’s probably all those things. And you see, as we journey on this journey, we’ve got to start looking at things on a higher dimension. You are no longer spiritual students looking at your everyday things because that’s what we’ve done for many years. Now you’re connecting with your Master, your Master Teacher, who is trying to show you something.

I don’t want you to forget because I can see by what you’re saying to me that most of you have forgotten that there’s Somebody helping you that you’re not accessing. Why is this happening to me, out-of-body Teacher? Show me. Give me a book; give me a piece of information. This has nothing to do with what seems to be going on in my third dimensional world. There is something going on much bigger at a different level. I need to see that higher level because it’s time.”

It’s time for all of you to start using that higher dimension of yourself to realize what is really going on because nothing is what it seems to be. And I’ve told you this over and over for years and years and years. Go beyond it; go beyond it; go beyond it. Look at it’s higher value. Everything in your life has a value. Everything is helping you see something, do something, go beyond what you’re comfortable with—what you’re comfortable with.

I’m glad (student) is having a hard time at her new job because this is going to push her. She has to stand up to what’s going on and stand up to herself and start to understand and raise it to a higher level. What karmic piece is she doing now? Who are these people—were they in the combat with her; were they in the Crusades with her? Where were they? How did they get to be in her life? Why is she having this particular situation that’s happening? True for all of you because I’m just using that because (student) is now sitting in front of me.

The thing is, we kind of have to go beyond what his happening in our life according to what third dimensionally we say, “Oh, I’m sick. I have a cancer situation.” Where did that cancer come from? What is it trying to show you? What do you have to overcome? How do you have to understand it? All these things are so very important because you are now learning to master yourself. Master yourself by looking at the bigger picture—the bigger picture. The Master that is with you, out-of-body, is trying to show you a bigger picture.
Don’t get stuck in the minutia of it. Move up to the, Ok, what are you trying to show me? I need to understand.” Because everything about spirituality is experiencing and understanding the experience of what it has to show you. You need to understand, experience what it has to show you. You are now in the position that you are in charge.

YOU are in charge of what is going on in your life now and how you handle it!

YOU are the ones!

YOU are mastering!

And the person you have to master is yourself. That’s the only thing you have to master is who you are and what you’re doing and how you’re going to respond.

YOU have that responsibility!

That’s not going to be anybody else’s responsibility but yours now. For a long, long time I was adjusting your karma, working with you trying to help you side-step things throughout the years. But you’ve come to the place where that’s not my job anymore. In fact, if I do it for you, I am doing you a disservice. I’m doing a disservice to you. That means I’m not letting you ride the bike—I’m still the training wheels on your bicycle. Now that is not fair to any of you; you have to ride the bicycle yourself. I was a training wheel. I taught you how to balance; I taught you how to look at things; I taught you all the things you need to know.

Now the training wheels are off and you have to balance yourself and balancing is very important. You have to balance your head with your heart and your understanding with your out-of-body Teacher that’s trying to teach you something—something that’s going to help you master yourself.

So the things that are coming up in your life to push you around and shove you around by the nose, are those things you are learning how to master. You’re going to get the revelation. You’ll get the revelation you needed which is a blessing. Those revelations—I’m going to tell you, all the revelations I got in my lifetime have always been shocking revelations. They were not the things that I thought they would be or any of the things that I would third dimensionally think was “good”. I was always getting slapped in the face saying, Ok, now look at this in a different way—look at it. It has a different purpose.”

Everything in your life has a different purpose to help you grow, change and become. That’s the only way you are going to master. You have to experience it to master it. You see? Eventually you experience the Infinite. But you’re not going to experience the Infinite until you’ve mastered this part of yourself because you wouldn’t know what to do with it because you wouldn’t get it anyway. You wouldn’t be able to use it; you wouldn’t know what to do with it; you wouldn’t understand it anyway, so, just forget that.

But eventually you will. Eventually you’ll tap into that higher vibration, that higher knowledge. But with that higher knowledge comes being able to sit with anyone of you at any moment of time and space and read exactly what your soul is doing, why it’s doing it and how much help I can give it or not give it. And that’s the way I read you for many, many, many years and gave you advice, told you what the pitfalls were, how to walk around them, and so forth. Now it’s your turn. It’s your turn to access that higher part of yourself and find out, What is the karma here? What is the karma pushing me to do? I have to be flexible with whatever’s going on in my life. I have to be able to turn around on a dime and move forward. I have to not hang onto my comfort zone and say, ‘Oh that looks too scary for me because if I open up that door, maybe I’ll open it up and see a boogey man that I don’t like!’”

Well I’ll bet you money that you will see a boogey man you won’t like. I guarantee you’ll see a boogey man you won’t like because those are the things that you had in the past that are trying to come to fruition in your consciousness so you can never be afraid of a boogey man again—of that part of yourself that takes control and then leads you down the garden path that isn’t going to help you to master, take you down the road, take you down the road where you don’t really want to go.

And we’ve talked about the ego—the ego is another part of this whole thing that you’re in. All these things are in play now, guys! Your ego’s in play; your karma’s in play; your spiritual education is in play; your mastering is in play. You have the teacher; you have all those pieces ready to come forth for you. And if you’ve done your homework throughout the years, then you’re ready to take the challenges up and move forward without hesitation. You have to have that faith. That faith that says, I have the faith in myself. I have faith in myself. I have the faith that I can do it.”

I had the faith that if I moved from Lee’s Summit to Detroit; I had the faith that it’s the right step to take and to do that with total faith in what I was doing and I took you along. But you rode on my faith. You see, you rode on my faith. You follow? You rode on my faith. Now it’s your faith because I said it’s good, you would go along with it. But now it’s you who say it’s good. It’s your faith that’s going to set you free, not my faith because my faith is strong. I want you to have the faith that I have because that faith will take you for a long, long, long way because it knows the truth about itself and it will do that which is necessary for it to do.

For a long time, as I mentioned, you had faith in me and you trusted me and I took you where I could take you. I gave you the energy and support what you needed. Now you are going to give yourself the energy and support you need to have to do that which is yours to do. It’s not that I’m not there to support you, I certainly am. I’m supporting that higher part of you as you go down and the wheels are now off as you try to balance—you’re trying to balance that bike by yourself and you’re trying to overcome your fear if you go down the hill. If you go down too fast, you’ll be scared but you have to be able to go down that hill fast on your new bicycle and not be afraid. You have to take on which is yours.

So if there’s anything you want to ask, God give me more faith! That faith that is so strong that I trust my inner guidance, my inner self because if I don’t have that kind of faith, I will be stopped because I won’t be able to take a step because I’m too scared to take it!” You have to have faith—you have to have faith in yourself. You have to have faith in your decision-making and you are getting lots of help, guys, lots and lots of help from your out-of-body Teacher, if you will listen to that out-of-body Teacher. It’s talking to you all the time; it’s helping you. And you can turn a deaf ear to it if you want to. But my suggestion is keep your ear to that; keep your ear to that. Always have that one part of yourself always listening. You may be working here, but you’re listening, you’re listening.

If there’s a “beep, beep, beep,” you say, “Ok, I’ve got to sit down. I have to sit down and I have to listen. I have to spend the time I need to spend to hear that ‘beep beep’. I know I was supposed to clean the house or go meet a friend for dinner, but no! I’m canceling my dinner plans. I hear the ‘beep, beep, beep’. I’m staying home. I’m not going to leave this house.”

You know how many times you asked me to do things and I said, “Yes, I’d be glad to,” but then the “beep beep” comes and I’d have to call you and say, “I’m sorry, I cannot do that. I have to stay home. I have to do something different.” Where does that come from? That comes from having that part of me that’s always listening to that “beep beep beep” that’s always there. That’s why, hopefully, I’ve trained you to listen to that inner part of yourself. You recognize your teacher’s “beep beep beep”. You have to run and sit down.

Yesterday, I came home from my trip and I had clothes that I had to wash, everything, and that was Tuesday. I got up Tuesday and I meditated all day and all night. I did meditate, meditate, meditate, meditate the whole time. I got up this morning, unpacked my suitcase, did everything I needed to do, and I couldn’t get into my car to drive to get any food, I knew that was out. I couldn’t go to CVS to pick up my prescriptions, anything. I had to stay home. I couldn’t get in that car. I wasn’t to get in that car, no way, no how, no anything. Why? Because I am going to school, guys! And I know it. I am going to my next big class and I am going to be there and I know that.

My spiritual partner called me this morning and she said, Jane, I spent the whole day in meditation. I was supposed to go to the dentist, I was supposed to do this…I called it all off.” And I said, I called everything off for me too.” She said, I started off as soon as I got up in the morning and when I went to bed that night I had hardly moved out of my chair. Hardly moved.” I said, I understand that.” And she has poor Jose and he knows…she said, He fixed dinner, he did everything for me.” And I said, Hey, I had at least enough sense to open a can of tuna fish, I knew how to do that.”

But, nevertheless, you have to be able to be that diligent — that diligent. And I am going to go take my next class. I am taking it. It’s a class that I’ll never teach you. You’ll never know about the class I’m taking. You haven’t known the classes that I’ve taken for the last eight or ten years anyway because they are so different from anything you can understand at this point. Someday you’ll understand it and I’ll leave little tracks, little breadcrumbs around. And when you get there, you will read them and you will know them.
But, yes, I am back in school 24/7 and I’m listening. I am listening and my teacher will tell me. And I am sitting with the Masters. I’m seeing the Master Plan. I’m learning how to do all the things you will do when you are a Master and help in the manner that I help as a Master. And that’s what you have to be able to do!


You understand?



The little, (speaking in a baby voice) “I’m not getting this, oh I’m not getting that.”

They don’t count, guys! They do not count! They are petty, little, stupid stuff. They don’t have any, any, any… “Oh I’m feeling, oh, oh, oh!” That doesn’t go with me for any of you. You can step up to the plate and you know how to overcome this stuff without any prodding from me. Except I’m giving you a hell of a lot of prodding right now because I’m trying to open you up to understand that there’s so much more to what you’re doing!

If you could understand what I’m really saying to you; if you could understand how important this is for your whole beingness, you would jump to the fact that you are a spiritual student — that you have an out-of-body Teacher that is on you, and you are a master of your own fate right now. That’s a big promotion that you’ve all had. How you use your promotion is up to you. How you’re going to use it is up to you. You can fumble with it and fumble around with it or you can grab hold and run.

And the reason I wanted very much this last board meeting, was to get your ducks in a row so that my Center for Enlightenment went along very nicely with or without me. So I didn’t have as much to do because I know I’m doing things at another level that you know not of and I’m doing them. And I don’t know how much time I’m going to be sitting around here.

So if I were you, I would take advantage of every Wednesday night. I would take advantage of any kind of energy I can give you because that’s all I can give you is my energy and that’s pretty doggone good! That’s pretty fabulous because that breaks up your old thoughtforms if you would let them break up. And you can resist them…you can resist them and not use them at all. You can just, Oh well, ho hum, oh my goodness, it’s not coming together. I’m so sad.”

OH MY GOD. That’s so babyish. It’s like a two year old, Mommy, oh mommy, I want my popsicle right now!”

Honey, you can’t have a popsicle right now because it’s bedtime.”

No, I want my popsicle right now!” And the mother says, No, you can’t have the popsicle right now. You’ll be licking it and it’ll get all over your bed.”

No, I want my popsicle! I insist! If you don’t give me a popsicle, I’m going to be mad at you. I don’t like you anymore, mommy, because you won’t give me my popsicle when I want it.”

I hope you understand what I’m really saying here. I hope you’re getting the point that I’m making right now? This is an important point because Mama knows that you don’t get to go to bed with a popsicle. Why don’t you get to go to bed with a popsicle? It will melt all over the sheets and you’ll be sleeping in crap. So, no Mother is not going to let you have a popsicle! And you might not like Mama because she won’t let you have one, but Mother knows best.

A Master knows best! You might not like what the Master said to you or how it’s working but the Master knows you can’t have a popsicle! I won’t let you have a popsicle because if you eat that popsicle, all it’s going to do is…You won’t be able to sleep, you won’t be able to do what you need to do because it’s not working for you. You want to be able to step up and do what’s your’s to do.

That’s why I’m really pushing on relationships and there are no spiritual relationships here. You have to stand on your own. All relationships are yours alone. So this is why I said you spiritual partners are no longer partners. You can’t be partners because you have to do it yourself. And I didn’t like that when they told me that with (spiritual partner) because I loved having her as my partner. And, NO! We had to separate for almost two and a half years with no communication at the worst time in my life when I was going through a divorce. I would have loved to have somebody to talk to. I had to depend on myself; only me! And I was just a newbie too…I was only four years on the journey. From that point on, we are together, we are not together, we do the same things, and we do not depend on each other in any way.

However, it seems like we’re always having the same lessons even though we don’t talk to each other all the time. She had the weakies yesterday, and I did too. This is what she got; this is what I got. Ok now we know we’re doing this, blah, blah, blah…that’s all.” But that’s when you’re not dependent. You are not dependent on that…I was just as OK as her not saying anything and she was just as OK if she couldn’t get ahold of me for three weeks because we know what we know.

She didn’t need me to say, “You’re right Jane or yes that’s happened too…” Boom-de-boom-boom-boom! That’s the kind of spiritual friend that you really want. That’s not going to come to you—not going to come to you until you are really on target with yourself because nobody can help you.


You have to have the tools; you know what to do, and you know how to do it. There’s no excuse for any one of you. There’s no excuse that I would ever put up with. I don’t put up with any excuses. There is no excuse. I expect you to be on time. At 7:00 we do our thing. Not at 10 after 7:00, not at a quarter after 7:00 not at 20 minutes to 7:00. AT SEVEN O’CLOCK! You can’t be panty-waisting around and finally get on the ball! NO! I don’t put up with that. That is not a good spiritual student and you all know that by now. That is not permissible.

If I am taking my time with you, you had better take your time with me. Next week I don’t know whose going to lead it. But whoever is going to lead it will expect the same thing from each and every one of you to be there, present, and be ready to step up to the plate and do that which is yours to do. Whatever you decide to do with the group is yours. You can decide to do anything you want to with the group. You can read them a passage from Meher Baba and talk about it. You can go around the circle and talk to the group, but that’s the lazy thing to do. That’s the lazy thing to do but I do that because I need to know where you are.

Give them a subject…whoever is going to be leading next week, read something to the group. What do you think of this? Can you answer that? Can you assimilate that right off the bat without any preparation?” Only the leader has the preparation. What does this mean, the narrow road when Baba talks about blah, blah, blah. What does that mean to you, (student)? What does that mean to you, (student), (student), what does that mean? What does that mean?”

You each have an opportunity to share what it meant to you and it will be different. It will be different. I don’t expect you to say, I agree with so-in-so…so-in-so is right on that.” NO! Don’t let that happen. That means you’re riding on somebody else and you don’t have to think. I don’t like that. I do not like that and would not put up with that from anyone. Oh, I thought so-in-so had a really good idea, I think I go with her idea.” NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! You have to come up with your own ideas; your own thoughts about something and not follow what somebody else has said in the group and that’s exactly what is going to be happening.

I’m going to be putting you more on your mettle now, off and on, because I’m not going to be here every Wednesday night and you’ll get opportunities to share. I may even be sitting there and it’s (student’s) turn to lead the group and so she’s got to lead the group and I might be sitting over on my sofa in the other room while she’s doing so that she learns how to do it; so she knows what to do. I might come in and do the meditation. Maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll leave the group and let somebody else do the meditation. We are going to be very flexible, guys. Very, very, very flexible.

We’re going to dance around this and see what happens. You’re going to have to come up with something…from your own inner self that you want to talk about and you want to share and you want others to share with you. It could be something in Ponder On This, I mean, there’s 100 books you could use. But I expect that to happen. I expect you to step up to the plate now.

So, with all that said now, let us just have a few moments to close our eyes and to be.