Truth of Being

From "Words from the Hart"
April 2008 - May 2011
by Jane Elizabeth

Seek to Know Your True Self

July 28, 2009
Every religious faith holds out the promise that those who seek with earnestness shall find that which they are seeking; let us therefore seek to know our True Self and discover God in the mist of us.
Ponder on this.

God Resides Within YOU

November 6, 2008
Each soul must ascertain the truth of his being by becoming consciously aware that God resides within him. This can be done through prayer and meditation practices.

We Are the Light of the World!

August 22, 2009
We are the light of the world. How is that possible?
In every atom of our body is a point of light. We all have light glowing inside of us waiting to be discovered. Once tapped, this reservoir of energy gets magnetized and brings forth new understandings and ideas and unveils our pure essence of being.

Innocence: The Truth of Our Being

August 4, 2009
Innocence: The truth of our Being. Who can encapsulate it when it is so vast?
Yet nothing can be taken from or added to it. Our purpose is to illuminate its presence in our consciousness, which is just waiting to be exposed. As we tirelessly pursue it with child-like persistence, we discover it is within our grasp; or, moreover, in every cell of our Being. Ponder on this.

In the Midst of God

May 15, 2009
As we develop the spiritual qualities latent within us, we discover our divine Self in the midst of God.

Our Inner Searchlight

August 6, 2008
Light is a vibration. Each of us is recognized by the vibrancy of our light. The more we meditate the more brilliantly our light shines forth. As we move into higher consciousness, we have the ability within us to transmit energy and light wherever we go, which assists all humanity to move forward on their spiritual path.

Living Energies

July 14, 2008
As we become aware of the living energies manifested in all aspects of nature and every living thing, and learn to connect with these energies, we become a vibrant living force which affects all human evolution. So as we grow in consciousness we become a powerful motivational force for all of life.

Connected with the Cosmic Energy of This Universe

March 31, 2011
There is a part of us that is connected with the cosmic energy of this universe. As we acknowledge this, and meditate upon this, we are able to magnify and focus this energy into our conscious awareness. Then we are able to discover the true essence of our being.

Action to Take: Meditate with this goal in mind.

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Uncover the Truth of Your Being

February 14, 2011
When you have disappointments and difficulties in your life, you get the opportunity to see what you are really made of: strength, courage, wisdom and joy. Let go of those disappointments and difficulties, move forward and embrace the lessons and blessings of those experiences. You are much more than you think you are!

The spiritual journey does not consist of gaining material goods, but of uncovering the Truth of your Being. You will continue to reincarnate until you discover this Truth.

Action to take:
Continue desiring to know your real Self in God. When you discover this, you will find God is in the midst of you and your real Self. It is well worth your effort.
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Life Energy Is Flowing through You

March 30, 2010
God expresses as the energy, vibration and life of every "soul." This is our "life energy." We are all responsible for our own evolution. It takes time and patience; and, at the end of our journey, we discover our whole Self in God.

Action to take: Take time to meditate daily and focus on the "life energy" flowing through you.

You Are the Light of the World

September 8, 2010

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In every atom of our body is a point of light. This creates the inner light, which is why we can say we are the light of the world. We all have this light glowing inside us. It is our responsibility to tap into this energy field. This inner light is like a search light that directs the Soul forward, bringing new understandings and knowledge.

Action to take: Meditate on a daily basis.