Giving unconditional love is another means of cooperating with your life plan. Unconditional love doesn't mean loving the people you always love, but it's loving the people you don't love. This is a hard thing to do, but it's very important. Each time you increase your capacity to love someone you consider "unlovable", and overcome the problem within you that keeps you from accepting that person, you expand your heart and can receive more love from others and from God. You are working in your soul's best interest. You will open to a new understanding of love and forgiveness.

Make forgiveness a cornerstone of your life, and it will be easier to love unconditionally. Once you understand the Law of Karma, you know people are in your life because you wanted them there, and you have something to heal with them. You also know that at some time or place -- in this lifetime or in another -- you committed the same errors that they have, so how can you judge them? Go within and see if there is a similar part of yourself that you deem unlovable. When you love a person you feel is unlovable, you are beginning to love a similar portion of yourself. You are letting light into your own heart by shining light onto that other person. By learning true compassion for others, you make your own way smoother. Then it's easier to encourage and motivate yourself rather than be self-critical and give up hope on your progress.

When you love everyone fully and unconditionally, you are steeped in Divine Love at all times. You break your ego's illusion of separation and isolation. Living in your soul is being aware of the fact that there is no separation. There is no separation between you and God. Likewise, there is no separation between the person you love most in your life and the person you like least. It becomes effortless to love all people equally and unconditionally.