This is a magnificent time in the Universe! The Masters are excited because factors are in place and energy is in alignment to help many souls leap forward. The time is here to move forward quickly!

You've had so many lifetimes with so many life plans. Other lifetimes have focused on accomplishing different goals. This time, your main focus is spiritual adventure. You wouldn't be interested in reading this book if that weren't the truth for you!

You've worked hard to get to this special point in your soul's evolutionary journey. The sum total of all your past experiences in other incarnations are combining together now to create a unique opportunity in this life. This isn't your first life plan, but it's the first time you've been spiritually evolved enough to investigate it on a conscious level.

You can move out of the third dimension and into the fourth dimension. You can move off the tedious Karmic wheel and into the freedom of the soul! There's never been a point in history where it's been easier to accomplish this goal. Many spiritual helpers are poised to help you make this important transition into higher consciousness. You’re in the right place at the right time!

You've worked hard to get this particular life plan. Honor it -- and yourself -- by taking advantage of the spiritual opportunities presented to you. You are supporting your life plan when you take hold of your spiritual urgings when they arise.

Take full advantage of these opportunities and give it all you’ve got!

You are in this body and in these circumstances to heal your soul and to expand your consciousness. Don't waste your time on trivial matters. Don't waste time following your ego from desire to desire. Don't waste time being angry. It's al excess baggage that holds you back and pulls you down. As you release that emotional and Karmic baggage, you will feel lighter and be able to walk upright with ease and confidence.