Jane Elizabeth
June 12, 2013

It was a very mystical trip, the ocean was of course roaring, there were so many interesting waves coming up and the whole experience of being part of that storm. And the next day, the weather was more…well let me start from the beginning.

When we went there it was just a beautiful, beautiful day and we went out on the beach and walked around and just sat on the beach and did a meditation, did a lot of meditating with (daughter). We spent a lot of time in the silence. We were very still, and very quiet, and I just said, “You know lets practice as much as we can be in the silence so that we can just generate that energy” and she loved it. She thought it was the greatest thing. And so it was a lot of fun and it produced a lot of wonderful opportunities for us to combine with each other.

With that said, we got up in the morning and there was all this rain coming down and we went out and sat on the patio and it was fiercely coming down. We didn’t know that there was any big storm coming. Somebody at the hotel, they were sitting out there with us, and told us that there was a storm. So we sat there in the outside patio area where we were covered and watched the whole storm come in, and we could see the ocean and what was happening with the waves. So, it was a dynamic experience of the great power of the ocean.

How the waves came up really high and it was so beautiful; I was mesmerized by it all. And so was (daughter), and we pulled the other people who were around it into it too, so we were all just enjoying the spiritual experience that we were having. And they were having it too because they kept saying, “I have never had an experience like this, you know, watching the waves, etc. etc.” And just being present, we were present with what was going on. That’s why it’s so important for you to learn to be present and be present in the moment because that is so powerful. And it is so powerful to be able to experience things from that level of understanding.

Well it stopped raining around noon, and it started blowing really hard. We could not walk across the street because there was so much wind, but it was causing the waves to go way up. And when the wind went down, and I am not kidding when I tell you this…there were thousands upon thousands, upon thousands, upon thousands of little tiny seashells. Some as big as a quarter, some a fifty-cent piece and they are all beautiful and they were all over the place, way up on the sand. And when I say way up on the sand, I mean at least, distances. There was a huge shell, all these shells happening, and of course people were out collecting shells; you would have loved it, the kids would have loved it. There were lots of kids out there collecting. But there was a big pile of them and I took a picture of the shells, and I suppose I should put it up on Facebook.

I just want to say to you, when you can experience something that incredible without any fear, just enjoying it, and the people around us didn’t have any fear. And this lady said, “I normally don’t enjoy a storm,” and so you see you can bring other people into the experience so that they are having an experience as much as my experience with it. I can enfold everyone that was out with us on that patio.

So when you’re in the now moment, when you’re in the present moment, its powerful because that’s when the messages come, that’s when the revelations come, that’s when the understandings come. They’ll just pour into you. It’s like the ocean pours into you. As you watch this wave pound, you are part of the waves; it’s really wonderful to be part of the waves. Really, really, so you have to give yourself to be part of that experience. Be it even a rainy day. Give yourself the experience of that, then you are going to experience it as a spiritual thing, and it will have its spiritual dimension with you.

So anyway, I could go on and on about all the things that happened but that is as much as I am going to bother telling you, because it was just beautiful, mystical, and we had four days of very, very beautiful weather of all kinds…rain, storms, sun, etc.

So anyway, I think (students) had asked me about something you all had been working on the last couple weeks which is tension. So I have my little book here and I am going to turn to it right now and I am going to talk to you right now about what the Teacher is talking about here. At this point that I am going to read to you: It says “Tension, when focused rightly, is the great releasing power.”

Ok. This is where I want to focus because what he is saying and what that means is when you add your will, and your love, and your intelligence and your intention to a spiritual understanding, it gives power to it because you are not focusing on anything else. So, focusing your intention produces the tension, the tension you need.

It’s almost like when I talk about when we focus our attention, it magnetizes, that’s the way I put it to you all. It magnetizes—it magnetizes the energy to bring forth that which you need. But you have to be intent on wanting the answer, wanting the experience, or wanting the revelation, or the understanding. You have to have your will, your desire, your love, your commitment--they all roll together and that is what he is talking about: Tension.

I call that the magnifying glass and to pull its energy is coming through. That is what this is about. There’s power in that, and I have always told you there’s power in that. That’s what he is referring to just using a different word than I use. So, did I answer your question? Do you have anything more to ask about that? Yes ok, are you clear with that? I just wanted to make sure you had that understanding and I am really happy for you to tell me what you need me to talk more about. I am so happy to do that because I know that the Master who is helping in this book is helping his student, they use different words for the same thing I use certain words for. All you have to do is send me a question and I will either personally answer it for you or answer it as a group thing.

Ok, now one of the things that I have been focusing on a lot has been for my group, you are the inner circle, and the energy and the importance of supporting each other. So, as I am looking at everybody and seeing the importance of this circle and being able to support each other, and not judge each other, or try to advise from an ego state of mind to the other person. It’s so important that you all learn to blend, blend, blend, blend, because you become the foundation. Because you all are on the same wavelength, so I am trying to get you all to be able to blend in a vibration together and I am really talking a lot to my Detroit group who is beginning to have the time together on a monthly basis. And that’s the purpose of that to learn to get along with each other, and understand each other and be part of something bigger than yourselves. Very important, so I know that that is a very important part of your spiritual journey.

There are so many stages to a spiritual journey as you all have and do know, and each stage that we are in, is developing you for your next initiation, or your next, or your next vibration or energy that is coming in to you. You see, and you all are on your own spiritual journey of self discovery, but since you’re so many different souls with so much different history, that it’s so important that you give each other some freedom to be and not to judge. Because what (student) might be going though, (student) doesn’t need to go through, what (student) is going through is what he needs to do, but what (student) is going through, (student) doesn’t have to do.

So, it’s so important that you don’t measure yourself with the other people in the group…understanding that everybody is on a different step here. Because of your soul’s evolution and your history, everybody is at a different space of spiritual understanding. And you’re each getting prepared to receive what you need personally and also to let it flow over to the group of love and understanding---Loving understanding of the other members of a group. The Loving Understanding, not judging, just love and understanding.

And as you know, there has always been, with all of you—I was thinking about this, this morning—I remember taking (students) when we went to Maui. They were my beginning core. I spent many, many years preparing to take them to Hawaii so that they would get the energy and vibration, everything that they needed. And once that was done, I had to say good-bye to them and make them practice what they had learned. And they did not like it very well (laughing!) They were not happy with Miss Jane!

They felt rejected, but they learned and they grew, they changed, they accepted and they moved on. So always there is opportunity to process what we have learned. Process and practice what you’ve learned. And so you’ll all be tested to process what you have learned so that you can pass your next initiation and get the next spiritual vibration you are to receive, whatever it is because you are all so different, you are not in the same place, you all need different things. You all need different things from me.

None of you need the same thing from me, even though you think you do, but you don’t. Not ONE of you needs the same thing from me. You need something different according to your soul and your evolution.

So, just like the waves in the ocean, they came up, swooped in, they received it, swooped up, they received it. This is the evolution of a soul. We are constantly, constantly moving in a direction of Self-Realization according to what your soul wants to accomplish and your will and your desire to move your consciousness.

I can only help you as much as you are willing to help yourself. Do you see what I am saying? I can only help you as much as YOU are willing to help yourself. I can never go beyond your free will. I am subject to your free will because we don’t mess with the fiber of the universe. You are given free will, you are pure and have (inaudible) that you can use in any way you want to use it.

Most of you, I can say, have made a big commitment; and I can say that because I get your homework and I can read it and I can see exactly where you are in the scheme of things. I know what your commitment is. I know where your heart is speaking to me and THAT means so much to me because that helps me to measure where you are and how much help you need from me.
So, always know that when you do your homework and you send these things and you type them up and you probably think I don’t even read them and I don’t even care or bother but I DO READ THEM! I do consider them a part of who you are and what you are explaining to me. So it helps me a great deal when you give me the opportunity to see deeper into your subconscious. You have the free will to do or not to do and I love you whether you do or not do; doesn’t matter because you are loved, purely, end of report. And I always check the desire of your heart; I always check. It never goes unchecked. That way, I am in target with your Higher Self, that part of you that wants to grow and to change. And also, I know how hard it is, and the resistance you have sometimes to change, and it is difficult because there are cycles, there are huge cycles to all of this.

So, I guess there’s something I’m picking up here with you all…I’m picking something up here…I’m not sure what you all need tonight; I guess you better tell me…

[Speaking to student:]
I support you in being able to blend and be able to be in integrity with each other. This is an important step for both of you that you are taking and I am so glad you are taking it, and it is not easy. I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know that I know that it is not easy but it’s important.

You know, one of the things that I want to say to you all is that every step we have to take in this process of growing and understanding about our own Self, always is another surrender. You see, I don’t care how many times I surrendered. I had to surrender one more time, and when I got into those sticky wicket places, the only thing that I could do was say, “I surrender. I absolutely surrender because of myself I absolutely cannot do anything.” Because I just didn’t know what to do. I had to surrender to a higher power. I think that’s an AA thing, but that’s what you do, you have to surrender to the higher power ALL THE TIME.

When in doubt, surrender.

When there’s a question, surrender.
“What is it, God, that you are trying to show me? What is it that I need to do to move through this phase I’m in? What is the most important thing I need to do?” And that’s Tension. You’re using Tension there. You say, “OK, I need to know!” You know? And I need you all to be very clear with your out of body Teachers and say, “Look, it’s time! I need to understand why this is the way that it is. Why do I have to do this? Why is that important to me? How is that going to support my spiritual growth? I demand an answer. I will do what I need to do, but talk to me. Show me in a song, show me in a book, show me something!”

And I was very, very, very demanding. I was very shy to start that, absolutely very shy. I thought, “Oh, I can’t do that, what if God doesn’t like me for that?” I found out there’s no such thing as that. You need to ask for the support, and that way you are open to receive it.
Surrender, surrender. When in doubt, surrender.

I say that so, surrender (student)! Surrender (student)! Surrender (student)! Surrender (students)! Surrender (student)! Surrender Miss (student) and I have Mr. (student) and I say to Miss(student), surrender to the process! You are all in a process; you might as well surrender to it because you ain’t gonna get out of it!

I’ve got to back up first here, I’ve gotta say you can get out of it whenever you want to. I’ve got to tell you, you can get out of it whenever you choose to get out of it. So, it’s your free will…your free will. And I honor your free will in every way.

You know, I always felt like the process is never going to end. Just as soon as I got out of one process, I had another one to work on and another step to take. I am trying to think of how to talk about this. I guess, when (student) said there’s no way out, her will is in this process, this is where her will is. That is where your will has to be if you’re going to get through something, if you want to. If you say, “This is too hard, this is too hard for me to do this”, then you let up on yourself and then you go put your will somewhere else.

I guess I want to say this is an interesting journey you are on. It’s interesting in so many ways because you are on a journey to discover who you truly are…who you are in essence…who you are when you take all of the other karma off of you. When you merge out of all that into the light and that is the truth, you merge out of all of that and into the light. But when we’re in it, we feel like we’re never going to get out of it.

Well, you do get out of it. You are not where you were a year ago; you’re not where you were six months ago. You’re just at another degree of working in the best interest of your Soul. Sometimes we do not understand why we have to do the things we have to do. There is a divine purpose in everything your teacher is giving you to do. There is a divine purpose, you may not know that purpose at the moment, but there is a divine purpose for each and every one of you to become fully illumined, enlightened.

And no matter what you do this lifetime, and when I say, “what you do”, whatever EFFORTS, efforts you make this lifetime, you are accruing spiritual credits that will be used for you. So there’s nothing wasted here, there’s nothing wasted. Everything you are doing is important; everything you are doing is important to your soul. Your personality doesn’t like it very much, at least mine didn’t, but my soul was happy. My soul kept me burning; there was a fire inside of me no matter what. My soul was saying, “It’s time. It is time.”

You see, the Masters are working on the future. When I say that to you, what I am saying to you is, this is to straighten up your karmic book, your karma. And they can use it to help humanity if you choose to come down into another body again because you will be making different choices when you pass over.

Ok, I’m going to give you an example of that: Hitler. You=u know he came down as a powerful person, but his ego got bigger than what he came to do. His purpose and what his ego got him doing were two different things. Just think, just give it a thought here: In his last lifetime, he would have been with a spiritual teacher and he wanted to grow spiritually. That teacher could have helped him to grow in love and would teach him. And he would have this big life that he was destined to have; he would have played it out differently. Are you following what I am saying to you?

So, I am working for the future of humanity, with you, each one of you because a lot of your karma can get straightened out and you can make different choices and you’re going to be helping humanity in your next life or your next three lives, whatever you choose to do.
You won’t put on another personality that is not supporting your soul. You see? You will be working in the best interest of your soul and all of the souls of the universe. This is important. Your work is very, very important because you can use your karma for good or for evil. You can give or you can take, you can love or you can hate, you can be angry or you can be happy.

If you make angry decisions, you’ll get angry results.

The universe will slap you right in the face with angry results.

So, it is so important that we support our spiritual growth and take what is ever given to us and use it to the highest of our ability. Whatever is given to us to do, no matter what it is, we have to do it with grace, poise and dedication and LOVE, LOVE for humanity. If you don’t love yourself, love others enough to say, “At least if I can get through this, I’ll be a better person; I’ll be a better soul that will be able to give more in the future, or I can ascend into the next steps of beingness”.

It’s what you’re destined to do. You want to put as many spiritual credits in your bank account as possible because once they’re there, they will be used to support you in your future. Even if you decide to never come down in another body, they will be used in the next state of understanding that you are going to have out of body. Because this is the place, the Earth is the place where we learn how to love, how to accept each other, how to support each other—and not judge each other. This is where we have to learn it.

And once we have that learned, we don’t have to come back here anymore. There are other things for us to do that are much more interesting than being a human being, let me tell you! I know! I know that there are things that are much more interesting than being in a human body. A human body absolutely limits us. Once you become God-Realized, you will be in a body but not of the body. Do you understand what I am saying here? You’re in the body, but you’re not of the body. The body doesn’t push you around. You push the body around.

Right now, you’re limited to your body. When you master, you become unlimited to the body. And then you use the body and the personality to do that which is your destiny to do. It’s much more fun, and much more interesting to be able to expand oneself and be part of everything than being just a one-tenth conscious human being.

So, my goal for you is to become more awake, more alive, more conscious…more conscious of your own individual expression of God in you because there are many, many aspects. We as human beings have limited God. We as human beings have limited God to what we think the concept can possibly be; we cannot think outside the lines. Because God is so much vaster than our human mind can comprehend. That’s why we have to give up our human mind, because as long as we are a human mind, we depend on that human mind to tell us about God. We are limiting the cosmic consciousness of this universe. The last thing we want to do as a human being is limit our concepts of the possibilities, the great possibilities that are there for us, that are so expansive…expansive.

I know sometimes I am harsh on some of you, all of you sometimes, in one way or another. Push you, open you up to give you a bigger vision. And, we sometimes don’t like to lose our concepts because they are comfortable. Especially if we have been raised in a religion. Those concepts, even though we have grown out of some of that, some of us still have some of that rag tag stuff in us that needs to be let go of. Because we are part of a vast cosmic, cosmic universe. And, this human body is just a human body; it’s just a body that we’re walking around in.

And if we can get the concept within ourselves that I am not just a body here, I am a spiritual temple! This is my body—I am a spiritual temple. And I can expand, and I will expand my understanding, and my vibration, and energy. To encompass the whole cosmic universe. Whoa! Now that’s a big statement I just made.

But that’s your destiny. It’s not to have another body. But to get out of the body. Move out of it, this body, and this play that you are in is an illusion. It’s an illusion; you’re in a play. You’ll wake up from this play one day and look at the play you are in.

And then you’ll say: “Oh my God! I am glad to get out of my body; that was a nightmare! My life was a nightmare. Some of it I thought was great, and some of it I thought was crappy. And, I never knew how to make anything good.”

Well you’re not going to make everything good. You’re going to go beyond it, accepting you. You see, you can walk into the fire, and you know if it burns you, it burns you, and you don’t care. It has no effect on who you are. One way or another.

My words to you, my dear beloved’s--all of you are beloved to me. Listen, I see your potential! And, I will push you to the nth degree to help you to see your own potential. And many a time you don’t like me because I pushed you. But, you get over it. And you see that, that was just exactly what you needed. Somebody had to pull that tooth out. And it bled, it healed, and you went on.

And that’s real love. That’s real love. The kind of love that loves you, more than it loves or cares about what you think of it, but wants to help you to know yourself in God. My only goal, my only goal, that’s all I care about. And I will do everything in my power to push you, to shake you, and make you look at the things you don’t want to see. And walk on through it. Through the storm. Because after a storm there’s sunshine. The magnificent sunshine. And it’s radiant. Radiant sunshine. And you become the radiant sunshine. Your own beingness; the radiant sunshine of your own beingness.

So I say to you it’s worth it. It’s worth every trial you have; it’s worth everything that you can give to it. There’s nothing more important than this. This isn’t anything, you know, you’re just a small group of people. Of souls, and there are other souls like you out there. But this is not popular. The world is too engrossed in its own limited self, and I am sure by now you have been able to see it, and the everyday life of the third dimensional person that you at times are being with, because of work, because of family, because of whatever.

I guess that was what you really needed to hear tonight. It’s all worthwhile. It’s worthwhile. And we say: “Oh, my third dimensional needs aren’t met. Oh my goodness!”

Oh my God! I hope none of your third dimensional needs are met! And I mean that from the heart of heart of me! I hope none of your third dimensional needs are met! Because, then you get sucked into it. You want to walk beyond it, then enjoy what’s there. And then enjoy what’s there.

The world is not going to meet your needs. Ever, ever, ever! They may do it for a week, they may do it for a month, they may do it for six years; then, it’s gone. And then you’re back to your old self again. Now what do I need now. What do I need now?
Right now you need a meditation, and that’s what I am going to give you. Let’s all have a meditation now.