You must realize that there are windows of opportunity -- points in your life plan where you have opportunities to take a major step for your soul. Those windows might only be open for as little as two or three days and you have to take the step during that time, or it gets closed and you may have to wait a long time before you can have that option again.

Let's say you're guided to get a new job. Your intuition might be pushing you strongly to leave and take a different job, but you say, “Oh, I'm not ready to do that yet. I'll think it over for a year. When I'm comfortable, I'll do it." But it could be a specific moment in time and space when the perfect employer has an opening that is wonderful for you. When you follow your intuition and not your fear, and take that step, the whole Universe rushes in to support your decision.

There are ebbs and flow to your life, times when things are in alignment and times when they aren't. If you hesitate, it might be too late. There could be a new job and house waiting for you in another city. If you wait, the house may be there, but not the job, or the other way around. Go when you feel the spiritual urging, everything will fall into place.

It's not that God doesn't love you and won't give you another chance, it is that these things are under the karmic rhythm. Grab those opportunities when they are presented to you. Even if you're scared to death, so forward! Love yourself through these changes and give yourself the opportunity to move.

This is why it's important to always release situations in your life. You'll be lovingly detached. You'll be fully present to your current circumstances, but ready to leap ahead at a moment's notice when you receive the call from your soul.

When you feel the urgency to take a spiritual step, jump into it! The energy and vibration are there. The door is open and the Universal energy is pushing you forward. Let go, walk through that door and see what God has planned for you. If you don't take the action at that moment, the door closes and you could have to wait six months, six years or whenever it opens again. You may think, "Why would that be? Can't I take a step whenever I want to?" No. There is a rhythm to the universe. There are times when things are open, and times when things are closed. There are times that are perfectly orchestrated and in synch with your karmic life plan to go ahead at that very moment and to take that window of opportunity. If you don't take it, it's OK, but you have to wait until those elements come into play perfectly for you again, whenever that is. You'll feel unhappy and a section of your life will be stalled. Then when the next opportunity comes, you will jump on it, since you are tired of being stuck and are eager to move ahead.

God is always supplying you with everything you need. God is an energy and a vibration, so when you feel that tingling energy in your body, know that you are on the right track and are approaching a window of opportunity to move into a new aspect of yourself.