Jane Elizabeth
CFE Video
November 9, 2008
You Are a Unit of Energy

You see, we are powerful energy units and when we get together like we do, we create a vortex of energy that can go forth and support any of us that has a certain problem that we want to release, let go of and get healed.

We all have something in our lives that we wish we could all do something with or solve or go beyond, and this is the place where we get to go beyond … this is the place where we support our soul … this is the place where you can access the mind of God through meditation, through meditating.

All your spiritual questions will be answered because you are connecting to your soul; you are connecting to that part of you … that essence of you … that wonderful vibration that is in you that pours out in and through you. We call it the Holy Spirit, we call it the soul energy, we call it God.

So, all of these things is what it is, but the center for enlightenment is right here (clasping her chest), right here in us. Thank you God for putting that in us; that it can be accessed anytime, anyplace, anywhere you are. But right now we are accessing it as a group; we’re all accessing our center for enlightenment together and that makes it even more powerful.

That’s why there was a healing that took place. That’s why many of you have had your healings and have told me about them. So, if there’s anyone here that wants a special prayer or a special energy coming in, just know that before we go into that part of our meditation, which has to do with our healing, you just hold that light for yourself as we are holding for you. And I’ll give an invitation at that particular time in the meditation to hold yourself in that vibration.

So, thank you for being here. Thank you for bringing your light and your love and vibration and your energy and your power — your spiritual power. So with all that said, let us do what we do best, which is go within.