You Are an Infinite Intelligent Be-ing

Jane Elizabeth
December 19, 2012

Next week I am going to have all of you go around and tell me what your Spiritual Desire is for the year 2013. Knowing that whatever you are saying and whatever you are putting out into the Universe is going to gather the energy and support it needs to happen. So think about what it is and just don’t say, “I want to grow spiritually.” That’s a given. How is that going to happen for you and what are you going to do to make that possible?

If you say “I want to grow spiritually” and you are not doing any meditations, you are closing the door to any spiritual help that you could be getting. If you are saying, “I want to take my next step” but you are not spending the time you need to meditate to get that opportunity to take the next step … you see, everything goes back to meditation. Everything goes back to keeping in that flow.

I know many of you work, all day, and many of you have a lot responsibilities. I worked and I had lots of responsibilities for four children, and I had to go to work everyday. But there wasn’t a day that I did not spend time in the silence. Even if my head was chattering and I couldn’t slow it down. I would do “OMs” I would do “Thank you, Gods” I would do anything I could to keep that flow, to keep that energy pouring in and flowing through me because I knew that there were many decisions that I was going to be making that day or that week that I needed the support of the Masters to do so. Because the point of the Masters is that they know, it is very clear to them, what your day is going to be and what steps they want you to learn, and how to take them and what you need to step up to.

Many of you have been with me for years, but I can’t say it enough that 2013 is going to be a huge push for you. So make sure that whatever it is you are saying that you want, that you say it with a commitment to complete that job next year. Because I don’t want you coming up to the end of next year saying, “Oh, I had such spiritual hopes and dreams but none of them came true” and then you have to start all over again in 2014.

It’s very important if you don’t do what you are supposed to be doing and moving forward, you’ll move backwards and have to take the step again. You’re in spiritual school, so the step you are taking, you need to complete … and I talked to you about July, there is another shift coming in July … because everything is going forward on such a fast pace … those that work and have a full time job, even for myself, I don’t have a full time job as you do, but I still have to spend the time meditating/connecting and being in it.

You see, the whole purpose of doing all the meditations that you’re doing, the whole purpose of that is simply this: it is simply that you become in spiritual contact with the Masters ALL DAY LONG. You make that connection, and then you connect with that all day long. You are never out of meditation. You no longer have to be designated to a chair; like I’m sitting in this chair … you don’t have to be designated to a chair in order to do your meditation because you have done enough of it.

You all have been with me long enough that you should be able to be connected to that divine energy and that presence and that teacher 24/7 no matter what you are doing. No matter what you are doing. Because that flow of energy is always coming forth. It is always moving in and through you. And you have access to the divine mind of God, if you will, to your teacher … whatever you want to call it: Cosmic Energy, the Absolute, Infinite Intelligence. I’d rather be connected to the Infinite Intelligence any day than I would my petty little mind that can only see things through a little tiny square. I can open up to see something wider.

I’m really pushing on all of you to get with the program. There is nothing more important in your life than what you are doing right now in your spiritual growth. Everything you do, even your job, whatever job you have, the people that come to you and need support from you (your children or your family if you don’t have jobs) they need a certain energy and a certain vibration from you to help them to move more easily and quickly throughout their day also.

So you see, keeping in touch and getting that vibration and energy already soaring through you will give you the emphasis that you need to move in consciousness. Because if you don’t use it and you don’t hook into it, and you say, “Oh well, God, what is this for? Nothing is ever happening for me.” That’s the truth! YOU’RE NOT LISTENING. You can’t say nothing is happening, because it’s not true. The truth of it is that you’re not listening. You’re not connecting. You’re not giving the Masters time.

I know when I worked, I use to take my lunch hour and go away from everybody and go into my car and sit away from everyone and have my 45 minutes meditating and eating my lunch in the car. Because that was the only way I could get away from the busyness of the day. Going out to lunch and being busy wasn’t helpful to my spiritual growth. It got me involved in all their problems, which didn’t help me at all. It just held me down.

So, honor yourself, love yourself, give yourself that time. If you work at home, give yourself the time at home to connect with that which you need to do today to connect with what you have to have done next week.

I want you to become so connected … so in the vibration and energy that there isn’t a step that you take, a breath that you aren’t taking in the infinite intelligence of your own self. Your own self. Because YOU are an infinite intelligent be-ing. An infinite intelligent be-ing. Do you hear me?


In order to tap that infinite intelligence that’s in you, you have to completely spend the time at least getting centered in the morning and getting centered before you go to bed at night. Quiet. Take 15/20 minutes before you turn the light off. If you are with a significant other or your husbands that aren’t interested in doing that at that moment, spend a little time away so that you are not making them uncomfortable, letting them do what they need to do.

I remember my friend telling me that she would go in and spend 25 minutes in the bathroom every night. And her husband would say to her, “What on earth would you ever have to spend that much time in the bathroom?” And she’d say, “Well, I’ve got to floss my teeth and fix this and I have to do that” when she was actually sitting on the toilet meditating. That’s what she did until he started to understand what she was doing. Then she could be outside, sitting in her chair, doing it.

I think it’s so wonderful, these single people that have so few responsibilities, other than themselves. You know, you that are single have a lot more opportunity to move forward, you have a lot more opportunity to do that which is yours to do. And if you don’t do it, you’re screwing yourself over. You’re stopping yourself from your growth.

So you that are single, there is absolutely NO excuse that you can give me to say that you can’t get what you need to get each and every day. Because you have responsibilities of, yes, a job, but you have the time to do that which is yours to do. Don’t waste your time running around. It never will help you; you’ll never move out of your complacency. So I challenge my single people to step up to the plate and do what they need to do when they have their own little apartment or their own little bedroom to get away from everything and everybody to do what’s theirs to do. So, DO IT! There isn’t any good excuse you can give me to tell me, if you’re single, that you can’t do it because … my God! Look at the people in this group that have families that they have to take care of besides doing their spiritual work, besides having full time jobs.

So, singles, step up to the plate and don’t be lazy! Don’t do that to yourself! I am helping you; your group is helping you! Do not give me the excuse that you don’t have time, or I’m too busy or I’m too tired. You don’t know tired! You have no idea what it really means to be tired … until you’ve taken care of a bunch of kids and a husband and then still have to go to work and do all the things, and homework, and responsibility. I’m saying to my single people, get on the ball … GET ON THE BALL! Because some of you are lacking in your commitment to yourself. It’s not a commitment to me … it’s never been. You have to be committed to yourself.

OK, now I’m going to take the married couples and I’m going to talk to you because you’re married and you’re both sitting here with me, several different married couples, if you’re not meditating morning and night together, and if your schedules are a little bit lopsided there, at least you go to bed at night. Meditate before you go to bed, together! Turn on some music, do something and be committed to that moment in time when the two of you can blend together. No matter what has happened all day long or all the things you have had to do personally in your own job, you two blend into each other because that’s going to help you grow the fastest. It will help you grow the fastest. So, you have the luxury of having a spiritual partner at your side. Use it! USE IT! Because it’s going to help you to grow the fastest.

So I say to you, love yourself enough to do this for yourself. For each other. Because there’s going to be a huge shift coming forth in 2013. The Center is going to move forward, I want you to be ready to move with it and not be playing catch-up.
You know, when you do things all the time, all the time … you forget to … you take it for granted, I guess. You have this wonderful group that you get to be with every Wednesday night; offering loving support; all having the same goal to grow spiritually — all on different steps, but all have the same goal. What a wonderful thing when we can put all of our energy together.

When I do my meditations on Wednesday nights, I make sure that I’m in the right place to be here with you in consciousness, always. I want you to be clear about wanting to be here, present with your group. It’s an honor that we are together. It’s a privilege. It’s a big privilege.

Don’t waste your life feeling, “Oh well, things aren’t moving for me; oh well, this is boring. Nothing ever happens that I want. Well, ‘I-I-I’ my own little personal self wants all these little things and God isn’t doing it for me, so I’m going to not bother.” Or, “I’m doing all these things, why and where is God in the midst of it?” Well, YOU are God in the midst of it, so what’s not happening for you?

I want some of you, and you know who you are, and I’m not going to name names, that have to step over a barrier that they have put in front of themselves … and the barrier is that they are self-absorbed: “Me, me, me!” I think it’s much easier for a single person to be self-absorbed than it is for a married person because they already have this part pushing them and shoving them around and working with them and having to think about what the child needs or whatever is in front of you to take care of. You have the responsibility.

But the single people have only themselves to think about. So I want them to get out of themselves. Out of the SELF that you THINK you are because that’s not who you are at all! You are so much more and you have so much more to expand into!

I’m throwing forth a lot of energy right now to my singles, but I’m talking to EVERYONE and grab the energy that I’m pushing forward to move you. And if you’ve spiritually been working on yourself, you’re going to move, you’re going to groove, you’re going to pick up this vibe and it will take you where you want to go, which is into a higher consciousness of WHO YOU ARE! Who you are.

Your out-of-body teachers are talking to you all the time! If you don’t listen to them, what good is it? What good is it? It has no bearing. It’s barren. I want you always to be open to receive…open to receive.

“I am open to receive…I am open to receive…please, I am open to receive.”

I remember sitting at work on the phone, and I would hang up the phone and I would have to call another customer for some reason and I’d hang up the phone and I’d always say, “God, I am open to receive whatever you want to show me now.” Sometimes I’d get a terrible telephone call from one of the customers who was irate about something that wasn’t done that my company had promised them to do … and I thought, “Thank you, thank you, God.” I was ready to handle that. I was ready to receive that call and give it the best shot I could.

You see, when you’re working and you have to do phoning and talking to people and this goes for the guys, you spend a lot of time on the phone … or counseling … I look at you all and I see that there are various responsibilities in your job. When that phone rings, you have to be “there”. And for mothers, when that phone rings and one of your kids calls, you have to be there for them in that moment. Or one of your spiritual friends calls, you have to be there for them in the moment. If you haven’t been doing your inner work, you’re not going to be there for anybody and yourself particularly, you’re not going to be there for.

I just did hopes and dreams and it was sent out to you folks, and it was sent out the other day and you all have that. And one of the big things I talked about in hopes and dreams is “What is your spiritual goal for 2013?” Did you have any spiritual goals that you wanted to complete in 2012? How did that work for you? How much attention did you give those dreams that you had in 2012? How much energy did you give to it? Did you read your Discipleship in the New Age and read it over and think, “Oh well, I’m not sure, I’ll just throw a few things together, get my homework done.”

I read all that. I read it all. It all tells me where you are. Everybody has a different point of view in all that, and you’re not supposed to have the same point of view. I would be very disappointed in you if you did have the exact same point of view because you are all so different. I would know you were sitting there copying off your friends (laughing) but I know you are all working on this.

It’s interesting as I read all of the Discipleship in the New Age, I look at this and I see that many of the things that I have told you about meditation, where does joy come from … the joy you have in moving your consciousness, that’s where the real joy is. Not from things outside because the outside things will come and go. They’ll make you happy and sad, but your inner-self, your inner-self of you is what’s important. Because that is what you live with every day of your life; you live with that inner-self and it is constantly trying to support and help you.

Christmas is coming. We’ve all been very busy getting ready buying gifts for our loved ones. We’ve all been doing those things; been busy giving our love and support and thinking about, “What is it that they need” besides the material things that you will be giving them.

I’m going to ask you, between now and Christmas day, to write down those who you have bought presents for and ask, “What is it spiritually that I can give to them; what is it that I can spiritually give?” Maybe just listening to them more or just simply be present in the moment with them, which is the greatest gift you can give them. Do you realize that that is the greatest gift that you can give, is being present in the moment with them? “I will be present, in the moment with my children.”

I will be present, in the moment, with each and every one of you. Whenever I talk to you, I am present in the moment with you and for you. What a beautiful gift that is to give to your children or your parents or your co-workers. It takes commitment. At Christmas time you are going to commit not only the material gift you gave them, but in being there for them; not judging them one way or another but listening to them. Because third dimensional people need to be listened to … they need to air out what they are talking about.

I remember so well, when my children use to come home from school, they would be so busy talking, talking, talking, this happened to them and that happened to them … the only thing I could do is listen. Listen and love them. Then they’d wind down and pretty soon they were out playing. I tried desperately not to be embroiled in their dilemma, but just to listen.

The greatest gift that you can give to yourself, the greatest gift in honoring of yourself is to listen to yourself … listen to yourself … listen. What is your self telling yourself? How is it operating in your life? And even listen to myself to know what I need to change or how I can bless, or do something of value for myself.

Do you know that, so many people in that little town in Connecticut are hurting ; they’re hurting and they are in great grief. We can put Light and Love on them, but we can’t take their grief or make it sooner or later. How I wish I could send them all the Seven Steps. But you know that would not be appropriate for them right now. They have to work through their horror, their anguish and maybe five or six weeks or months, maybe something can be done … how to handle terrible grief.

I know how it was to handle the death of my daughter. I know the grief and thank God I had the Seven Steps to help me understand what was going on. But these poor people are in the third dimension and they don’t understand how this could happen to them — why it happened. And we understand that this is karma playing itself out. Is this a random act? I don’t know. Or is it karma of something that happened 500, 800, a thousand years ago in a village and this is another opportunity for this village to love and support each other. Perhaps something happened way back then when they didn’t love and take care of each other. Now they are loving and taking care of each other. Thank God. What a wonderful thing and the world is suffering with them and loving them and helping them the best they can. It’s opening up our hearts, which is a good thing … which is a good thing.

And I feel for that young man that did the dastardly deed because he’s creating some very, very serious karma for himself, his soul and the future. And he’s probably creating another five more lives for himself if not more just to pay back this one particular difficulty that he created for himself.

You see, everything has a purpose, even though sometimes we don’t understand that purpose; we don’t like the outcome, surely I don’t like the outcome of that. Because to me, I see what’s being created by him for his future incarnations. Or trying to help people to do better with their incarnation so the future isn’t going to be so dastardly.

The Masters always work not today … well, I can’t say they don’t do work today, but they are more interested in what you are going to accomplish this lifetime for your future lifetimes. Or if you Master this lifetime, you will make a decision on how you’re going to handle your Mastering. Will you come down and do something for humanity in a body? Or will you do something from a higher point of view — higher evolutionary energy force. You’ll have the opportunity to make those kinds of choices.

What you decide to do with your life this lifetime is very, very important because your future depends on it. Your future incarnations depend on it. You are creating your future right now. Be it Mastering it or be it coming into another incarnation where you are much more awake and you left this planet a very awakened soul … you’ll be ready, you’ll be ready to take on a big mission for a big support for humanity.

You see, if you don’t work in the best interest of your soul now, there will be another time you’ll have to work; you’ll have another opportunity to work in the best interest of your soul. It’s like the first grader that goes to school that doesn’t want to learn, just plays around with the pencils and crayons and spends a lot of time in the principal’s office. Then he has to go ahead and take another first grade again and learn it all over again so he can graduate to second grade.

Right now it’s so important to you, and it’s important to me too … and I’ll tell you why your progress is important to me … because I can see your future if you don’t Master now or work in the highest evolution of your soul. I see your future. If you don’t forgive, release and let go, you will have many of these people right back in your face again, in different ways playing different parts.
And you have all heard this, how many times have I talked about this. I have no idea why today I am so focused on this. I believe it’s because some of you have forgotten what you are about. That you’ve forgotten that there is something more important in your lives than the measly little ego-self that wants to take charge.

That ego will die and you’ll simply come into another life with another ego and you’ll live that life out with some of the people you didn’t forgive that lifetime and you’re not advancing. You’re staying stagnant.

I feel a sense of … I guess I don’t know how to put it to you … I feel the sense of the importance of 2013 to you and the advancement you can take if you will allow it to happen for you. I want you to leave this year behind … really, really, truly behind. All the ups and downs and all the glory, all your disappointments and your difficulties. All those moments that you had that were horrendously wonderful and all those moments that you had that just tore you apart.

You see, I want you to leave those behind, I want you to let them go because until you let them go, they will perpetuate in your consciousness. They’ll roam around and roam around in your subconscious only to perk up and awaken you in a future lifetime — in a future time.

This is your big life to Master; this is your big life. I wouldn’t let anything stop it if I were you. This world will go on with or without you; it will go on. And you will pick up another body and you will continue. And that makes me sad because I know your potential. Funny, I feel like I am begging with you and pleading with you to take your steps. And I guess I am.

When you have children that you love so much, and you have a wonderful dinner to feed them and they refuse to eat … you spend your whole life preparing it … and they refuse to eat. It’s not good enough, it’s too hard, and other things they want to do; they want to go out and play in the universe a little more. Because I think I’m going to have some fun in here. Maybe if I get the right job or the right relationship or the right person in my life or if I have enough money, everything is going to be perfect. Well it won’t be any more perfect than it is right now in this moment in time and space for you.

Give yourself the opportunity … give yourself the opportunity to do what’s best for YOU. What is best for you is to move into a clearer state of be-ing-ness. We’ve been here for so many decades … so many decades. We’re weary of being incarnated one more time … do the same thing all over again, go to school one more time, and learn the ABCs one more time, arithmetic one more time … all for foolishness.

If your child graduated from high school and it turns around to you and says:
“Oh, wow, ok, I graduated from high school and now I want to go back to first grade and through those 12 years and go back through those years all over again.”
What would you say to them? You would say how foolish you are. How foolish. Don’t go back and play in that garden again. It’s not nearly as fun as you think it’s going to be.
“But mom, I’ll be the smartest person in first grade. I’d be very, very important because I know all of the answers. When they sit me down to teach me the ABCs, I will be able to tell it to them and not only that, write it! I would fool all the teachers, wouldn’t that be wonderful? I’d be so brilliant!”

And you’d say to your child: “Oh my God, don’t waste your time. It’s not going to give you what you think you’d get out of it. Don’t waste your lifetime. Don’t because it’s not going to give out what you think you’ll get out of it. No! Please!”
And you’d beg our child: “Please, darling, I love you so much. Don’t waste your time. Why on earth would you want to go back and learn the ABCs all over again? Why?”
“Oh, because I think it would be fun, mommy! I might discover some new things if I do it all over again … I’d be smarter.”

Yes indeed.

I would cry for that child, and beg with it and plead with it not to do that. I would grab its knees and say “DON’T GO!”
“Honey, if you do it, it’s not going to bring you the joy you think it’s going to bring you! You are going to be so bored … one more time learn the ABCs and 123s … oh my God, you’re going to be screaming at me, ‘Why did you let me do it, mother!’ And you’re going to be mad at me, ‘Why did you let me go back to school again?’”

That’s the way I feel about you, all of you … all of you. Please don’t go back to school again. Don’t do that to yourself, it’s a waste of your precious time. It’s a waste.
Please, for today, I say to you, there’s an opportunity for 2013, it only comes once in a lifetime for you … don’t miss the opportunity to graduate and go on and never have to come back and go to school again.

How many times have we gone to school? How many times have we learned the ABCs in all of the incarnations that we’ve had? How many times? I have no idea how many times I went through this. I remember my friend saying to me … no, her mother told me this, she didn’t say this, her mother said this:
“You know what my daughter said to me when she was four years old? ‘Oh mother, oh mother, I don’t want to go to school and learn the ABCs all over again; I don’t want to learn, I don’t want to do it again; I just don’t want to learn the ABCs again. Do I have to go to school?’ And I told her, ‘Well, yes, you are going to have to go to school.’ “
And she said she walked out of the room and slammed the door and her mother just laughed and said how that child … how that child is so willful!

So, as you can see, how she knew, she never wanted to come back to school again, but she had too. It’s funny about those things.

I said when I was 5 years old; “I don’t want to go to school; I want God to talk to me. I hate school, I don’t want to learn to read and write. I want God to talk to me … Grandma, when is God going to talk to me? I don’t want to learn to play the piano; I want God to talk to me.”

See, I was awake, I was aware that there was a plan. And you were awake and aware that you had a plan too! All of you! Wake up! You came with a plan, wake up! You’ve come with a plan and your plan is not to go to school again in your next lifetime! Wake up! The reason you’ve been with me is because I know that you planned to meet with me and be with me and to work!! Don’t be half-hearted about what you’re doing!!

Some of you are at that place where you might give up because “it’s too hard” NO!!!
Do you wanna come back and do the ABCs all over again? Do you wanna go back and learn everything you’ve already learned this lifetime and be reminded??!! Or go through another lifetime not remembering any of this, and go through two or three and finally four lives from now, finally remembering again that you were in this class!

NO!!! Don’t do that, that’s the most stupid thing I ever heard of. Don’t go back to first grade. Don’t go back to another incarnation. I screamed, yelled and hollered, once I understood this, “I do not want to be rebirthed here. I want this to be my last life and I will do everything and anything, I don’t care what you do to me; I am going to make it through!”

Forty-five years and here I sit and I’m going to tell you I made it through and the next incarnation I have is not going to be on this planet! It will not be an incarnation as we know incarnation to be because there is no such thing in the other, higher realm as incarnation … this is the only place they have incarnations!

You forgot what you were about. You forgot. Don’t forget. Don’t forget, don’t go back into this world of the opposites where you will have good or bad or rich or poor or sick or well and do this all over again. Holy cow! I’m going to be 79 years old in another 5 or 8 days and I will tell you one thing, I will tell you one thing …. I am glad I did everything I did. And I squealed like a pig. I didn’t like the treatment I thought I was getting sometimes. But I soon found out that I was moving in consciousness and once I realized that I was growing and changing, I did not want to stop!
I don’t want you to stop now. I don’t want you to get complacent now
. NOW is when you pull forth everything possible in your be-ing-ness. EVERYTHING. Be the dynamic WILL, the dynamic LOVE that you ARE.

Speak to the Masters, tell them, “NO MORE! No more, I’m tired, I’m tired of this living in the opposites; I’m tired of all the things I have to do just to survive each and every day! I want to grow and I want to change and I want to BE and I don’t want these opposites to ever affect me ever again … ever again! I don’t want to play in this arena. I don’t want to be in this game, because this is a game and I know the rules of the game and I’m smart enough to win!” And you’re smart enough to win … you are smart enough to win this game.

You know the rules; you know what you have to do; you know when you come up against something that is rattling your cage that you know you need to look at what it is that you’re responding to and get clear with yourself. Get clear with yourself. And then it doesn’t rattle your cage, when it happens you’re not rattled. You’re like, “Oh well, ho hum, she’s complaining again, ho hum so I’ll listen”. But it doesn’t rattle my cage.

I want you to come into the year 2013 with dynamic will, dynamic drive and recommitting yourself to moving as fast as you can and committing more to your spiritual growth more than you ever have before! You know I’m always asking for another commitment. You know I do that periodically. Because I cannot take you any further than you want to commit to go! And if you say, “Oh well, she’s committing, oh well nothing ever happens, I blah blah blah.”
NO!!!!! Don’t lie to yourself.

Embrace the problems you have in your life. Embrace them. “Wow, I have this problem, wonderful! How am I going to solve this? What do I have to do about it? How can I grow from this experience? Where is God, the infinite intelligence, the cosmic energy … it’s trying to tell me something and I need to listen.”

How many years ago … 1971 … my husband had asked for a divorce, somewhere in there, I don’t know, I’ve forgotten the date but it was ’69, ’70, somewhere in there, Christmas time … right now … but he had asked me earlier and left me on Christmas Eve. I thought that was the darkest Christmas I could ever have. I thought, “How could this happen to me when I was such a good spiritual student? I did everything asked of me, now he’s walking out the door? What kind of God would let that happen to me?”

And then I had to sit down and say, “You know what, the first thing I’ve got to do is forgive you, God, for putting this in my path because I would have never expected it! On Christmas Eve?” I can say now, “Thank you for hitting me over the head and pushing me out of my comfort zone and yanking me around. You taught me how to forgive the unforgivable and move on with my life.”

You know, YOU KNOW I would have never been with you all if I had stayed married because there was a box around me that I couldn’t get out of! God set me free that day! Set me free and I didn’t want to be free! Because now I have to go out and make my own living. Now I have to go out and take care of my children! Now I have to figure out how to pay the rent!

Oh my God, it was the best thing that ever happened to me because I got strength within myself. Nobody could hand me something that I couldn’t handle in that dimension of inner-self. Knowing that you have that within yourself is a great gift. A great gift. And you’ve all heard that story before from me.

But I want to repeat that it was the greatest gift that was ever given and IT WAS GIVEN TO YOU ALL BECAUSE I WOULD HAVE NOT HAVE BEEN HERE FOR YOU!! I would have been married in Toledo, Ohio wondering what had happened to my life and why things weren’t working for me.

Yes, ooooh yes, some of the most difficult times were the greatest triumphs of my life. And you’ll be able to say with me, and some of you have already triumphed over situations that made you stronger and more capable in doing that which is asked of you. Don’t go back and have to learn the ABCs again. Don’t do that to yourself, you’re more important than that. Your soul came to do certain work this lifetime just as my soul came to do certain work. And you’re being given the opportunity to do it. And as you’re working with hopes and dreams, and forgiveness and releasing and letting go, you know the rules, you know the steps and you have a special process you can use to take it and erase it. How wonderful. How wonderful for you.

Please, your mother, Jane Elizabeth, is saying to you, please don’t go back to first grade … don’t do that to yourself. You’ve worked to hard to graduate. Now, move on. Don’t decide to do it all over again hoping against hope that you’ll have better results … because you won’t. Life is life. Karma is karma. The third dimension is the third dimension.

And I remember when I met some of you ladies way back in the 90s, and they wanted more than anything to Master … to know God. The tough got tougher and the tougher got tougher …

Newtown, Connecticut, USA… On Friday, December 14, 2012, authorities say Adam Lanza killed his mother at their home and then opened fire inside the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, killing 26 people, including 20 children, teachers and principal before taking his own life.