Jane Elizabeth Discourse
October 15, 2014
Spiritual Credits

I think I’m going to talk to you about spiritual credits because before I started this call tonight, I was talking to (students) about spiritual credits. Nothing is ever taken away from you—whatever you accrue in spiritual credits, they’re kept in a sacred place that you can use as you move into your inward journey.

I don’t know how far back to go, so I’m going to think about this for a second… every incarnation you have, you have an opportunity to accrue spiritual credits, even if you don’t know you’re accruing them in the third dimensional world. These credits are accrued by doing something nice for somebody that you don’t need to do something nice for … giving a helping hand to somebody. Helping them to dig out of the snow or you give somebody $100 because you just felt like it and you did it out of your heart and you didn’t owe them anything.

As we go through our many incarnations, there are many opportunities to gain spiritual credits. They are always gained particularly when we don’t have to do it. It’s not karmically owed for me to give you $100, but because I love you and feel in my heart of hearts that I want to do that, so I do that. I don’t owe it to you, but in my heart I wanted to give it to you freely. You don’t need to pay it back to me; I’m just giving it to you for the good of whatever you want to do and that may go back six or eight thousand years in different times. Maybe when you were a squirrel you shared your nest and you didn’t need to. Or you helped somebody make a little home for themselves and gave them some extra twigs, you see what I mean?

There are those little things that you do that you don’t even think about but you naturally do and those are spiritual credits. The reason the Masters have put this together like this is because they always want to give you opportunities to go beyond what you need to do in a lifetime — to go beyond service to help somebody to do something or give them some money or help them with their homework when you didn’t have to help them with their homework.

Those are the things that are little, but they’re mighty … they’re very, very mighty. Because when you’re in your evolutionary process, all during that time you are accruing little extra credits here, there and everywhere. And then you have a spiritual life as a priest or a nun or in India following a guru — I could name a hundred different things you could do to move into greater dedication to your higher self.

As we move in consciousness, we are given opportunities to be devoted to one type of religion or another type of religion depending on what our hearts and minds tell us we want to do. Or, we come into a lifetime and we are part of a certain religion because our parents are. If you’re in India, you’re part of the Indian culture — if you’re in America, you have lots and lots and lots of different opportunities to incarnate with a family that could be Methodist or Quaker or whatever the many hundreds and hundreds of churches there are — religious sects that there are.

During each and every time when you incarnate in more of a spiritual life, you are accruing extra credits when the minister or the rabbi or the leader of that organization needs extra help from you. Or wants you to serve coffee at the coffee stand or wash windows at the church sanctuary … clean the church offices. There’s opportunities to serve. You’re not going to get paid for it, but you serve because you want to serve.

Some of you are karmically obligated to do it, but many of you aren’t. Maybe you’re obligated to clean the windows for five years because of the spiritual task that you need to take care of on a karmic level. And you do it for five years but you say, “I’m going to do it for six years.” That extra year, you do not owe it but you’re doing it because you love the minister or you love the rabbi or you love the congregation or something. So, these are all little, tiny ways that we accrue spiritual credits on the journey and they’re very hidden. Nobody’s telling you this when you’re in the third dimension working through your life plan, doing the work you need to do. Nobody is telling you that this is what’s happening.

All this time you are accruing different opportunities to put credits in your bank account. Those accrue and every time you pass over, you find out, “My gosh, I have these extra credits” and as you grow in consciousness you might say, “Gee, I’ll take on this life-plan, but I would like to use some of my spiritual credits.” And you make that choice before you ever come into incarnation and you get to use those spiritual credits. Maybe the spiritual credit is you “magically” get a healing, a “magic healing”. You had cancer and all of a sudden, the cancer is gone! You prayed and the cancer was lifted.

But, the other 500 people at the hospital prayed too … but you’re the only one that got healed. Do you see? You hear this a lot … you hear this a lot from people: “Oh I prayed and I got healed. Oh, I must have done something wonderful because God healed me.” But, you see, that healing came by them grabbing hold of one of their spiritual credits and using it. And maybe the 500 other people that had cancer didn’t have that opportunity. They hadn’t made any spiritual credits so that they could get that intercession of using that spiritual credit to get tremendous healing and then go on with life.

When those people get those kinds of things, they’ll write books about how God healed them or there will be all kinds of information put together on how God helped them and took care of them, loved them, because the person does all these special things. So, they personally take credit for the fact that they got the healing and then they go and talk to all of their friends on how God healed them. But that healing really came from their spiritual credits that they had accrued from probably 50 lifetimes from maybe that moment in time and space … maybe 10, maybe 4. It doesn’t matter. But they had the golden coin that they used to get their healing.

This is what happened. Supposing the same person that got the healing, used up his spiritual credits, maybe he has 1000 spiritual credits and that healing cost him 500 — and I’m just making up these numbers … please do not believe that this is what it is, because there is a bigger multiplication table on this than I could even explain to you, but this is good enough for you guys right now. So you have 1000 credits and this particular thing cost 500 credits and you’re using 500 of your credits to have this healing that nobody else in your town or your village or your congregation has. This is absolutely a wonderful thing for you!

Now, suppose you’re so extremely happy about this and you love God and you say, “Oh God, bless me, I trust God, I believe in God, God is a wonderful God … look what happened when I did my prayers. Look what happened when I did all these wonderful things this lifetime to accrue this wonderful gift from god. Well, the truth is, you earned it from other lifetimes. And now you take that wonderful gift that you got of healing and you decide that what you are going to become is a minister because you love God now and you’re so thrilled to pieces that you had this healing … you had wanted to learn more about your religion that you are studying and so that was a cause — that healing was a cause for you to go forth and become a minister or a healer. Maybe you’ll say, “I know how to use energy, I will put my hands on people and do prayers and see if they’ll be healed.”

Well, you might have 25 people that you can heal by praying, but that’s karma. You owed it to pray for them and heal them and that’s all. It is God working through you, using your credits, using your abilities to do those things. So, here you are now, you became a minister, and you’re doing very, very special healings for your congregation and out of 50 people in your congregation, you are able to pray for all of them and for everyone that comes to your church or your healing service gets healed.

And now, wow! Look at you! You are powerful! Everybody in town wants to come to your church because you heal, but all of a sudden, you can’t heal anybody anymore. And you feel desperate because, “Where did my power disappear to? God doesn’t love me anymore; God is punishing me.” All the crappy stuff the third dimensional person thinks about. And the healing does not take place. Not because you’re not worthy — or the person is not worthy, it’s all about karma! It’s all about karma!

Those people that need to be healed will be healed by their own karma that they have accrued to be healed. So, it’s no magic … there is no magic here! Third dimensional people believe in the magic … Jesus loves them, God loves them, the Masters love them, they get healed, “Oh my God, look at all the money raining on him or raining on her, oh by gosh, she must have done something wonderful in her life to get all that money and let’s worship her because she’s so rich, she’ll teach us how to be rich!” She’s rich because she sowed for it in other lifetimes. She’s not the blessed one … that has nothing to do with it. It has to do with her karma that she accrued to have this wonderful financial display in her life.

Now, what she does with it is of very, very big importance. Does she take that money that she has gotten and, I’m going to say she won the lottery. That’s a really good one because people say, “Oh how did he win the lottery?” Well, the lottery is won by karma. If you’ve got the karma, you’re going to win the lottery. If you don’t have the karma, you can buy as many tickets as you want and you’re never going to win, but you’re sowing to get money someday, maybe in five lifetimes from now you might have somebody give you $25 … who knows, but you’re accruing something.

So, this lady who has just won the lottery, has all this money and now she can do with it whatever she wants. She’s so thrilled; she buys a plane; she buys a boat; she buys an island; she buys and buys and buys and buys a bigger house, a bigger that. She becomes a miser, she doesn’t give money to anybody … they don’t deserve it, “It was given to me, I get to spend it the way I want to.” And she becomes a hoarder of that money and dies with millions but never giving any of it away. So, she had the gift, but she hoarded the gift.

Say she got the gift of this million dollars and she said, “I would like to start a hospital. I’m going to endow a hospital and I am going to give money to a university that can supply my hospital with really outstanding students and I am going to give scholarships to them so they can get through school because they deserve it and they are so smart.” Now, this is another thing that she did, but guess what? She OWES the universe to create a hospital. She OWES to help these students to become doctors. She OWES all this; she knows not that she owes it; she just from her heart just wants to do all this. But she REALLY owes it. But she uses her money to pay off her karma!

So that’s what’s happening here. But she had really good karma because she looked at her spiritual history and she found out that she had killed a million people with an atomic bomb so she owed a million people a healing! So now she comes in with 50 million dollars to help all these people to get a healing, and they get a healing and they go out and do wonderful things. But she has paid off her debt! Or she could hoard it and not pay off her debt and she’s creating more of a debt because she didn’t pay it back. You see?

So there is a very, very clear balancing of all karma, there’s balancing. So whenever you do something, and you do it out of your heart—and maybe your heart is telling you to do it because you owe that person that, or maybe your heart is just telling you to do it because you don’t know, you never know! You just do it because it’s yours to do. And maybe when you pass over you get to see, “Oh I paid off Joe; I paid off Susan; I did this for Mary Lou, but Tom over here and Tim over here … I didn’t owe them anything but I gave them money to go to college or I gave them money to do something special in their life. I didn’t know them, but I owed the other three what I gave them. I had the opportunity to go beyond what I owed. So now what happens to Tim and Tom that I have given extra money to? What happens to that, that was given from my heart of hearts, now does Tom and Tim owe somebody else money in the future to pay off that wonderful gift that they got?”

Well, yes, they could do that, if they wanted to … if they wanted to. But that was theirs, given to them with no strings attached so that they can use it however they want to. That gift was given to Tom and Tim with no strings attached. I didn’t owe it to them, they didn’t ask me for it. I just saw the need and gave it to them. No strings attached — no karma here — no karma at all.

But, if Tom and Tim want to, they can take it and give something to somebody else. And that would accrue some really good credits for them. They didn’t have to because they weren’t required to give Susie Belle over here anything at all, but they did because they like Susie Belle. Now, Susie Belle got the advantage that Tim had and Tom gave Mary Lou some money … gave her a scholarship or a thousand things that could be given from that. But, you see, everything is weighed. There is nothing that anybody can take away from you … nothing. It doesn’t matter. If someone comes into your house and steals everything in your home, and you have nothing, one of two things are happening here:

Maybe you stole everything from that person and they have the right to come in and steal everything from you so that you can feel the horror of losing everything. You can feel the horror of the violation of your privacy, the violation of your home. You had to feel that because you created that for another person. So, did God say, “I don’t love Lynn so I’m going to steal all of her possessions?” No! That’s not what happened at all. Poor God gets a terrible rap in all of this, can you see how God gets a bad rap? We blame everything on God, “God didn’t do this, God didn’t do that.”

When we were in our Inca life, way, way back thousands of years, we worshiped the sun and what a foolish thing that was! We thought that if we were bad and we weren’t kind to each other that it wouldn’t rain and our crops wouldn’t grow. Or it would rain so long and so hard that the crops would be over exposed to water. So we blamed the weather that we understand now, on God and thought God is revengeful and God becomes a vengeful God in the eyes of those people. Is that true? You and I know we can look back at that, and it wasn’t true at all!

And the thing here I want to say to you is your idea of God is so totally limited because you can only have the understanding of God that you have right now that you had 5000 years ago and believed in the Sun God. But there is so much more to the universal consciousness than what we limit God to be and our credits that we accrue help us to grow in understanding. When we give from our hearts when we need not to give it, it doesn’t matter, but we give it, we help somebody when we don’t need to help them … that’s called karma-yoga, you hear that a lot. That’s doing your karma and you do something for somebody that you didn’t need to do, and by doing it, you are doing something for yourself to help you grow in your spiritual understanding.

The greatest thing you can get is understanding. Money is not going to buy understanding. Money will not buy that. Good deeds are much more likely to buy understanding than any money that you have or any land that you give to God or anything else. Give the Infinite Intelligence of this universe your heart, your desire to know, your desire to become more consciously aware! That’s GOLD. That’s REAL gold. Because if you live in a bubble and you have absolutely nothing and you have to beg for your food, but you love God with all your heart and you’ll do whatever you need to do to connect with that higher power, and you’re doing it out of your heart and soul, that counts a lot.

Now I don’t mean for all of you to go and live in a tub, you don’t have to do that. But be aware that, that person who lived in poverty and loved God was accruing a lot of good credits even though it was a limited form of his understanding because this is going to help him to get a greater understanding of the universal law. There’s a lot of universal law that I’ve never taught any of you. You wouldn’t understand it and you certainly wouldn’t know how to work it because it’s part of your education; it’s part of your spiritual growth; it’s part of your spiritual understandings. All that comes when you are working in the best interest of your soul. Those things will be shown to you. Those things you will understand but understanding that whatever you are doing in your life right now is accruing more opportunities by service, by love, by support.

I have asked you all to do something for me. I have asked you all if you would do this for me. I asked you that I want your service to me and humanity to help me get my website up. To help me get my information together so I can be sending it forth. You don’t owe that to me. You don’t have to do it. You don’t even have to write my name on a piece of paper. You don’t have to do anything. However, if this is a way that you feel in your heart that you can serve humanity … but you can’t do it and say, “I’m just doing it because I want more credits,” because guess what that does? It’s not coming from a sincere heart. “Jane wants me to do it, she’s my teacher. I better do it or she’ll get mad at me. I don’t know what she’ll do, she’ll get mad and kick me out of school. I don’t like it, but I’ll do it anyhow.”

Don’t do it guys! I don’t want your help because you’re hurting yourself! Not that I don’t want your help, but because I know that would hurt you … that would hurt you in the long run that you are doing it out of “I have to.” I want a clear heart. I want a heart that understands the value of what we’re doing. The value of bringing this information to humanity even if it’s never going to be really, really read until you’re too old to read because you don’t have glasses or something.

I’m just saying, we’ll be too old … I’ll be gone! You guys will be working on this and you’re going to see it fly, you’re going to see it move. I’m not just doing this because I don’t have anything else to do … I have been prepared for 45-50 years. I’ll say before I even came into incarnation I knew I had this plan. I could have walked away at anytime and done other things because I had free will. And when the going got rough and I got divorced with four kids and no job and no husband, that was a pivotal point for me. I knew I had previous incarnations; I knew that I had the Seven Steps, but I had to look at that.

And I can remember sitting at my kitchen table … I do the greatest work at the kitchen table all over every place I ever lived. My kitchen table was a very important part of my spiritual growth, my spiritual commitment. But, I was sitting at my kitchen table and this was in 1970’s and here my husband left me. I didn’t have any money to fix my washer with four kids, my washer went out. I didn’t have any money to hire somebody to come in and fix my washer and I was beside myself. I said, “God, why did you leave me here? Why have you forsaken me? Look, I have nothing and I have four kids! This is not why I came on this journey … I didn’t come here to suffer! I didn’t come here to be this deprived!”

I listened to myself for about two hours being the biggest piss-off, cry-baby in the world and I wrote all about it. I wrote how awful it was and how I would never trust God again and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. And how, “Get out of my life, God! You certainly haven’t done me right! Blah blah blah blah blah!” After I got it out of my hissy fit that day, at the end of the day, I felt a lot better because I had said exactly how I felt. But, the next morning I got up and I said, “OK, God, whoever is out there listening to me, if I have a teacher, if I have anything, I’m sorry. I am sorry. I am so sorry because that little girl in me expected something on this journey that if I was a good girl on this journey and did everything you told me to do, and I did! And as far as I knew I did everything and all of a sudden it doesn’t come out like Janie wants it to. Well, Janie is going to run the other way!”

No! I said, “Miss Janie, you are a spoiled little brat!” I talked to myself, I said, “You are a spoiled little brat. You are going to grow up and take responsibility, Miss Jane,” and I had this conversation with myself. And my spiritual partner was living in Mexico and I couldn’t call her to have this conversation. And that was the other thing … here’s my best friend in Mexico, I don’t have money to call her, I don’t have any way to get ahold of her. I couldn’t write her a letter because it’s going to take three weeks to get there. That didn’t work.

So I had to depend on ME. I had to say in that moment, “I’m mad! I’m upset!” and then say, “Thank you.” I’m going to take a few steps back here and say, “Ok, I had an expectation God, if I did this, this, this and this, that of course You would do this, this, this and this MY way. It would come out the way Jane wanted it to come out.” Well, that was the first time I found out how wrong I was and what I was depending on was, “I was a good little girl and cleaned my room that mommy is going to give me $5!”

Well, I cleaned my room and mommy took $5! Didn’t give it to me! She took it away from me! Why did mommy take it away? This is a parable here …why did mommy take it away? Because mommy wanted Janie to grow up and take responsibility. God wanted Janie to grow up and say “Look, if you’re doing this journey because you want to get something out of it for yourself, you better forget it right now. Because that little personality self of yours has got to die. It’s got to go away!”

It’s the one that would say, “I want it for me! Why doesn’t God treat me the way I want God to treat me?”
BULLSHIT! My out of body teacher said, “Get out of your own stupid way, Miss Jane because as long as you are going to God to get something from God, you might as well quit right now. It’s not going to work. Go on your way, get out of here, get out of school …leave school because it’s not going to work for you because you are here for the wrong reason!”

Your reason is to Master. Your reason is to become one with the ONE. Your reason is to grow into your true essence of who you are and this little stupid personality of yours is not going to go anywhere. It only wanted to go to God to get more “stuff”. To get more popularity, to get a better husband, to get all your children sent to college, to get all these wonderful things. And those are wonderful things, sending your kids to college, have two cars, do all these wonderful things, that’s a wonderful thing.

But that’s not why you’re in the game! Your game is, “I am going to — I (the Master says to Miss Jane in this conversation that took place a day after I had a hissy fit) — you are going to have to stand up for yourself and you are going to have to be independent and you will not have another husband to depend on. And you will have to earn your own money and you’re going to have to raise those four kids by yourself.”

I sat back and I said, “I surrender.”

I knew and I understood. The only thing for me to do was to surrender. I said, “I surrender my personality self. I surrender this part of things that wants things for ME. Wants God to do it for ME, wants God to straighten up my husband for ME.” Never realizing all the ramifications that the stupid desires I had on all the karma that was going on in the universe because I was blind. Even though I knew about past lives and I had seen many of them and I knew a lot. I still got into that frame-work of reference of, “You owe me, God.”

God doesn’t owe you a thing! NOTHING! Not a tiny, tiny, tiny bit. The universe is there for everyone and it depends on how you use it and how you run your life and how you move through those crises in your life in the highest and best way. If you want to make spiritual credits, be there for yourself. Not as a gimme, gimme, gimme but as what can I do for my children? What can I do for my children after their father just left me? What is the best thing that I can do? I can do one thing very, very important to him and that was never, ever, ever to tell my children that he was a rotten father because he wasn’t. He was a very good father. He took care of them; he did the best he could, and because he left me because it was an important thing for him to go on and it was important for me to go on. And that’s all it was.

And to this day, I still feel that way. And to this day, he doesn’t understand me at all but he says to my girls, “You have a wonderful mother, she loves you.” That’s wonderful, that’s wonderful. If I cared for anything from him, I guess that would be nice and I’m glad he said that. But if he told them that I was a crappy mother, you know what? My girls would have to figure out if that was true or not. Fortunately, they didn’t have to figure that out because I wasn’t about to tell them. I wasn’t about to tell them anything. I stand on who I am and I stand on what I stand for. And you have to stand for what you stand for. And you have to take the bumps on this journey and not feel, “What’s wrong with me?”

When you get that little voice in you that says that, male or female, you better step three steps away and say, “What’s wrong with me? I’m a big, fat baby that doesn’t want to take my spiritual steps.” That’s what I came to that day … I was a baby that wanted the goodies, but I didn’t want to work for them. Well, I soon found out there’s no such thing as goodies. There’s no such thing as goodies! There’s just being on that path and accepting whatever is dealt to you with grace and poise and dignity and never blame anybody else for your problems. Because the problems you are having are to show you about yourself or that you had to go through because you owed somebody something. You do it with the most grace and poise that you can to do it in the best and the highest way for them and for your own spiritual growth.

There is no such thing as being a good girl for God. Forget that one! “I’ll be a good boy for God … I’ll be a good student for Jane.” NO! You don’t have to be a good student for Jane, be a good student for YOU. Be a good student to your life! Be a good person in your family. That’s the greatest way you can honor me … not just simply doing what I ask you to do, but doing it from the heart of your heart or it doesn’t do any good. It’s going to taint my work — it’s going to taint my work not doing it from your heart. And I can’t have it tainted. I have to have a pure heart — somebody that’s willing to do whatever they can for humanity — to give a legacy, a value.

Yes, some of you haven’t Mastered yet, but I’ll tell you, you’ll have a better chance of Mastering if you give of yourself every moment of the day, every day of the week from your heart of hearts in whatever you are doing. And you will Master … you will do that which you’re suppose to do. Love those around you. Care about them, help them, see what their REAL need is. If they love you and think you’re wonderful or they say, “You’re stupid mom, you don’t know crap!” You just say, “OK, well thank you for sharing”.

What can we say? Do they know us? Do our children truly know us? NO! They are looking at us through their karmic eyes. In fact, all the people you are with are looking at you through their karmic eyes and you know how that is. The karmic eyes will only see what the karmic eyes want to see and that is what they will do. They will see you through their thin, stupid glasses that they have on this lifetime that are limited. Take off the glasses and put on the infinite. That’s what I want you to do. That’s the way you will please me. That’s the way you’ll please me, by taking your steps, by doing that which is yours to do. That will bring me joy — that will bring me joy in my heart even when you’re stumbling and hitting your nose on the ground.

But you’re doing it for the right purpose and I know you’re moving forward. You bring me joy! You bring me unlimited joy to know that you are working in the best interest of your soul. And when I see you fumbling and falling and getting down on yourself, feeling sorry for yourself and all that type of thing … then what happens to you is that you cut off your good. You cut it off from yourself because you only see that which you want to see.

You are the Master of your ship. You are the Master! And what you do with your ship is up to you. Where you sail your ship is up to you. How you handle the problems on your ship is up to you. Who you let on your ship is up to you. Who you kick off your ship is up to you. How you treat the people that come on your ship … do you feed them? What do you do with them? Do you love them? Do you teach them to read? Do you teach them to write? Do you give them a spiritual book to read? What do you do? What do you do when someone comes into your life? How much can you love without thinking how much you are going to get back? Or wondering what can I do to make so in so love me? Or manipulate so-and-so, so they’ll give me what I want or all these little mind games that come into play that we aren’t even aware of!

We aren’t aware of them, they’re so sneaky! They make you think this is who you are. They make you feel that’s who you are when it isn’t who you are. You don’t have to manipulate anybody to get what you need. You don’t have to try and beg and plead. The only thing you have to do is be committed and be responsible for your own self. In so doing, it will spill over onto others—it will spill over to help them because you’ll be seeing everybody with a different perspective — new eyes, new abilities, and you will have to raise yourself up … raise yourself up in consciousness … raise yourself up!

Think about your self always, “I want to raise my consciousness … that’s the only thing that’s worthy of my time and space on Earth, is to raise my consciousness so that I can see things from a higher point of view. I have to do that for myself; that’s the only thing I have to do and everything else I do out of love.”

That’s your motto—that’s the way you look at your life. That’s the way you live your life. You live your life only to give. Only to love. Only to be there for others. Only to support the family, no matter what they do or how they treat you. It doesn’t matter. They have to look at you through their little, tiny spectacles. They don’t see you. They don’t understand you. They’ll only see you from their point of view, and they can only see your nose and that’s what they think your whole face is. We know that you are a lot more than your nose, or your eyes or your mouth.

But limited consciousnesses evaluate everybody when they look at their nose, “Oh that’s a too big nose, so that person isn’t any good. That’s too little of a nose, so that person isn’t any good.” The worst kind of measuring stick in the world, and that measuring stick doesn’t get them anywhere. It doesn’t help them to grow. Don’t be one of the ones that measures everybody by their nose. Don’t do that to yourself. It’s not worthy of your time and your energy. Look always to the higher.

Look always to more revelations. I would not stop … every day of my life I was not happy if I did not get one! I would stand at the gate of heaven, if you will, and say, “Where is my revelation today? I’m not getting my revelation today!” Then I’d shut up and say, “But I’m giving you a chance to give it to me right now.” I would be quiet and listen. Sometimes nothing would happen and that would be what was happening and I knew they were getting me ready for something. I knew that nothing was a lot more than nothing. When I found myself with nothing coming out or nothing I’m seeing, I knew I was doing something even though the little me thought I was doing nothing — I WAS doing something. The bigger me knew I was going someplace and I was learning and I was growing.

Every situation that comes into your life is there for a purpose! You know that, I’ve talked for years and years and years about that. So, there’s nothing in your mind that doesn’t connect with that. Being the observer of the self is of the utmost importance and I’m ringing my bell practically every week now:

BE THE OBSERVER! I want you to get so sick of hearing me that it’s so automatic that I don’t have to say another word. That’s what I would love. So, if I’m saying be the Observer, you know that somebody in the group is not doing it. You might be doing it, but there is somebody in this group that I am looking at right now that has forgotten about the Observer Self that only uses it on occasions.

That’s the person I’m talking to. Get yourself together and start using that part of yourself because I’m going to leave you behind because you cannot catch up to where I’m going if you aren’t very good at observing yourself. You’ll miss the lessons, you’ll go around on your merry-go-round and you won’t know how to get out of it. Be the observer—be the one that takes charge! Be the one. BE THE ONE! Do you hear me? BE. THE. ONE. Be the one! I challenge you to BE-THE-ONE!

When I’m saying that, I’m saying be-the-ONE. The ONE. And your soul knows the ONE that I’m speaking of. Be the ONE. Don’t be anything less than the ONE. Give your everything to being the ONE. Give all your energy and support in being the ONE! The ONE life, the ONE … the ONLY ONE! In amongst the millions of one, there’s ONE. That one is one in everyONE. Did you get it? If you didn’t, work on it.

So as we move forward tonight, knowing that there are spiritual credits to be gotten. It doesn’t matter that you owe a person a smile because of karma or that you smiled because you want to just smile at them from your heart of heart. It doesn’t matter … it counts. Either it counts to get it off your karmic book or your putting credits in your bank … you don’t need to know. You don’t need to know! You don’t need to know. And you don’t need to know how many credits you have or how many you’re going to get by helping me with my mission to bring this information to humanity for those in the years to come who are going to be looking for more clarity about why they are here.

They are coming. They will be here. They have already, many, many of them have already incarnated. Some of them are in our families and are still hidden. They haven’t shown themselves yet, but they’re in your families and they’re going to expose themselves someday. Someway they’re going to find their way to the higher learning. They will do that because their hearts will make them do it. Their souls will make them do it. Their inquisitiveness will make them do it because they’re inquisitive. They know what they’re doing is not what it’s all about and that there’s a more and they want to tap that more. That’s what I want them to do and that’s what you all are here to do and that’s what you wanted to do. Or you never would have been part of the group.

Your spiritual growth depends on you. You’re the only one that can do it. You are the only one that can save yourself. I sure wish Jesus could save me. I love that where they say in the churches, “Just give your sins to Jesus.” In the Catholic church, “Just give your sins to the Catholic church and you will be saved.” Oh man, I love that.

But guess what? I ended up in another incarnation and another incarnation and another incarnation. Only when I woke up, “I’m tired of evolving … I am tired of evolving. I want to go within. I want to go to involution instead of evolution.”

So here we are, moving forward on our journey, together. Life is in the fast lane.